The Advice team is here to support you around the UCU Strikes and we are in regular communication with the college to find out any new information. Please see below for the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. You can log in and contact us via our online form if you have any further questions or would like advice.


Update 03 October 2018

Academics with the University and College Union (UCU) at 147 universities, including at King’s College London, are currently voting on whether or not to strike over a UK-wide pay dispute.


Further Update 23/06/18

The University has been in touch with those who emailed about compensation recently advising them that their email will now be considered a stage 1 complaint as per the University's complaint process. Having considered the complaints and taken into account mitigations, the university has taken the decision independently from KCLSU that it will not compensate or reimburse students individually as a result of the industrial action. However, you are able submit a Stage 2 complaint by email to

KCLSU's Advice Service can provide you with free, independent advice regarding your complaint.  

The Student Officers are also asking the University for discussions for the best way to manage the fund which the University has put aside from the money which they saved during the strikes. Please see here for more details.

Important Update 03/05/18


What can I do if I think the Strike has affected my Assessment Deadlines, Coursework and Exams?


The college has said that at the time of the strikes general mitigations would be put in place where groups of students were impacted by the strike. If this didn’t happen or you have other personal circumstances which also impacted on you as well as the strikes you could consider asking for mitigating circumstances for assessments/exams.If this applies to you, you will need to submit a mitigating circumstances form (MCF) to your department - you can find out more information on submitting a Mitigating Circumstance Form including our Video Guide on the Mitigating circumstances webpages.


If after you get your results of your assessments you realise that you were significantly impacted by the strikes you could also consider an academic appeal. Please contact us in this situation as we can help with you.


Can I get compensation/a refund?


NUS Connect has sent out guidance to students on how to claim compensation. The recommendation is to ask for compensation and not a refund as a refund only compensates you for lost tuition and not the impact that lost tuition might have on your future career.


The college's view is that if students feel strongly that their learning has been impacted by the strikes, they will look into compensating them. They have put aside the money, which has been saved from paying salaries during the strikes for this purpose. They have asked that any student requesting compensation should email the Principal's office at Therefore, we would encourage you to contact the University directly if this if you would like to claim compensation. The college is currently deciding how to compensate students but If you are not happy with their response you could consider the following:


  1. Make a Complaint - Kings

You may want to make a complaint to the college if you are not happy that you have not been able to attend lectures or receive the tuition you need. Please let us know if you wish to discuss further as to what might be the best time for you to make a complaint.


2.            Office of Independent Adjudicator

Once you’ve gone through the college’s internal complaints procedures you can also consider taking your complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) which is an independent body who deals with complaints about Universities. The OIA has also produced guidance on complaints about the strikes.


If you’re still not happy with the outcome after going through these two steps you could consider:


3.            Competition and Marketing Authority

Being part of a group complaint to the Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA). The CMA doesn’t accept individual complaints so you would need to get further advice from us if you’re interested in this option.


4.            Taking Legal Action

You may want to consider whether you want to take legal action against the college for breach of contract. You would need to consult a solicitor if you wish to take this action. There are some solicitors who are offering class action suits which involve groups of students. This could be a way of spreading the costs of any legal action.

This is the current position as we understand it from the college. We will update our website regularly with any new information to help keep you informed. If you’re unsure of what to do or would like more in depth advice about these options please log in and contact us. We will be happy to help with your queries.