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Candidate for the position of Bangladesh Society - President

Image for Anusha Talukder

Anusha Talukder

Have some Bhorosha, Vote for Anusha!

Hey guys! I am Anusha, the current Bangladesh Society president and I am re-running to be your President for next year! Within my role this year, I have introduced many cultural and educational events for our members. Some highlights include our flagship Shadhinota Dibosh (Independence Day) event which allowed our members to embrace the various aspects of our culture! I also hosted our Ladies’ Night which brought together the sisters of our community, alongside our Bangla Language Taster Session which gave a taste of our language, history, and scriptures to our members. Through these events, I was able to show the importance of community and appreciating our culture within our society. I hope to continue highlighting the importance of these and create more opportunities like this for Bangladesh society and its members next year, by hosting events such as our Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day) event and Pohela Boishakh ball!  




Fresher's week  

  • I aim to have a week of planned events to reign in the new academic year and another year of BSoc, including an inter-uni sports night! By involving societies from different universities, I hope to provide an environment that will allow our members to integrate with other BSoc members and feel welcomed within our community. 

Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day) event 

  • I will be hosting a cultural evening to commemorate our nation’s Victory Day. The event will include traditional music, literature, dances & plenty of Bengali food, the heart of our community! I aim to incorporate a similar theme to what I used to organise our Independence Day event this year. For this event, I included a cultural show followed by a traditional Bengali meal and some dancing, with the event then being shown on Channel S! 

Pohela Boishakh 

  • I hope to make this our flagship event of the year and host our first ever annual inter-uni Pohela Boishakh ball to celebrate our Noboborsho (Bengali New Year)! It will involve many of the traditional facets of this important day, including face painting, singing, traditional sweets and more! This idea of having a BSoc Ball is one that many of our members have brought to my attention and is something that I am determined to make happen next year! 

Bangla language lessons  

  • I will have both Sylheti & Shuddho speaking sessions running every fortnight, the two main dialects spoken in Bangladesh! Alongside this, during the sessions, there will be opportunities to learn writing and reading in the Bengali Language. Having launched our taster session this year, I hope that providing this will allow our members to strengthen their feeling of being connected to the Bengali roots and culture, and to take some knowledge away to use in the future! 



As the president of Bangladesh Society, I oversee our outreach project KCLevate, which aims to help aspiring students from disadvantaged Bangladeshi backgrounds get into some of the most competitive fields at university. I hope to further continue working towards the vision of KCLevate, alongside the subcommittee members next year, and introduce additional opportunities including a Grad panel event. This will involve a range of qualified speakers from various career paths, catering to both aspiring students and students studying in their respective fields! 



Having been a committee member of Bangladesh Society since I joined King’s (just under two years!), I am able to genuinely appreciate and understand the importance of welfare within the committee, the society, as well as the wider Bengali community. Therefore, I am determined to introduce

  • Welfare events/drop-in sessions for the society, organised throughout the year alongside the welfare officer, where I hope to provide a social space for our members to address any concerns or expectations.

  • Feedback forms will be sent out after events to ensure the ideas of our members are incorporated into what we provide as a committee and a society! 



Charity is a huge part of the values that lie within BSoc and its members, therefore I hope to provide bigger fundraising and outreach involvement and opportunities. As president, I have been able to gain a lot of experience and insight from working with many charities through BSoc, with the two charities highlighted below as being our main projects. These are some of my plans for BSoc with both projects next year:


Restless Beings Charity 

  • I plan to carry out and provide a timeline of events in line with the fundraising fortnight run by the charity.  This will hopefully allow our members to interact as well as increase the awareness around the different causes we are fundraising for (Rohingya crisis, Bangladesh street children, etc).

  • We will include Instagram reels, displaying both cultural and educational content throughout the year, highlighting the current issues happening in Bangladesh.


Maa Charity 

  • Like this year, I will have an ‘Introduction to Maa Month’ event to prepare our committee and members for the fundraising month which KCL BSoc is very heavily involved in (as the charity was founded by one of my predecessors!). I hope to make this event even bigger than last year and widen our network of fundraisers and partners, incorporating our members’ ideas into the month where possible.

  • I aim to have a proposed timeline of events for the month as part of our fundraising for Maa charity, while we will be competing with other BSocs to gain the top spot as fundraisers! This would involve interactive and informative events, working in collaboration with other societies and BSocs of different universities. Last year, we re-established ourselves (post-COVID-19) within Maa Month and the different societies and came in the top 5! I believe that the experience I have gained from last year as president, alongside the innovative ideas of our events officers and members, will give us the full potential and drive to go all the way and win that top spot this year!!

  • I hope to work alongside the social media officer and create YouTube videos and TikToks during our fundraising periods, to further widen our community! 


Head over to my YouTube channel (mygktmonologues) to check out more about my manifesto! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. If you have any more questions or ideas, then please feel free to contact me at :)


Have some Bhorosha, Vote for Anusha!