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Candidate for the position of GKT Acute Internal Medicine Society - Academic Officers

Madihah ALI

Don’t Dally Vote Ali

Hey everyone my name is Madihah and I’m a second year medic! Having just finished my supporting life block I have a new found passion for all things acute medicine and would love to become your academic events officer to share this passion with you! I hope to organise a range of academic events to benefit medics for all years. I know medicine can be extremely tough at times with an overwhelming workload and a sense of never ending conditions to learn about but as events officer I will organise a multitude of sessions to help break down all this content making it more manageable and help best prepare you for your exams- writtens and OSCEs! 

As events officer I will: 

  • Organise multiple peer taught revisions sessions throughout the year and even more near exam time focusing on the core conditions of the supporting life  block and Emergency medicine 

  • As well as peer teaching sessions I hope to organise teaching sessions run by clinicians focusing on the key topics relevant to clinical practise 

  • Hold an OSCE revision series online and in person with a mock OSCE at the end 

  • Have regular talks throughout the year from inspiring emergency medicine doctors and internal medicine trainees about what a career in actue internal medicine entails and how to build your portfolio

  • Create an online form where you can suggest topics that you would like to be covered in revision sessions or any other suggestions for events that you would like 


My previous experience has well prepared me for this role I have: 

  • Stage 2 UHL&QEH rep- I have been able to collate feedback from my peers and put this forward to faculty to elicit changes to better improve placement and have regularly attended meetings so will be committed to my role as academic officer 

  • UAEM speaker liaison officer- helped organise the annual Universities for access to essential medicines conference- I will be able to 

  • Teach med tutor- ran numerous peer teaching sessions focussing on high yield content so will be able to deliver high quality teaching sessions covering the high yield content and direct your revision 

  • MERJ tutor- ran teaching sessions for stage 1 medics so am well equipped to deliver teaching sessions 

  • Zero gravity Medicine ambassador- able to publicise and promote zero gravity mentoring scheme and recruit mentors so will promote our revision session over all platforms so more of you can benefit 

  • Medicine mentor- I am passionate about helping younger students and sharing my knowledge