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Candidate for the position of KCL Lions Cheerleading - Uniform Officer

Image for Rini Rana

Rini Rana

May our uniforms sparkle brighter than our trophies

Manifesto – Rini Rana

I am running for the position of Uniform Officer with Eva.

Why I applied

I decided to run for this position as I have so many exciting ideas for our uniforms and merch options next season. As cheerleaders, a big part of our sport is to represent our university, and we want to do so in clothing that makes us feel confident and powerful – but is also comfortable to cheer in!

My cheer experience

Although this has been my first season with KCL Lions, I used to cheer with my school team from years 9-13, and was co-captain in my last year there. I have been a flyer, front spot and base across my time in cheer. I have also been a dancer for most of my life.

Why I would be good for the role

?    I have been both on comp cheer and pom this season, so I understand the kind of style of uniforms, hair and makeup that would compliment both, eg: a high pony for cheer vs a slicked-back bun for pom
?    I am organised and have good communication skills and am happy to help people with any questions or concerns they might have, and do my best to help them
?    Teamwork is key – so I would work closely with the treasurer and other committee members to work out how we can keep prices as low as possible and set the right payment deadlines.
?    Eva and I have spoken to our current uniform officers to find out more about what the job entails, and we really feel prepared to take it on
?    We have already been looking at other uni cheer teams for ideas and inspiration
My vision 

?    It is really important to me that we can all feel confident and at our best in uniforms when competing or cheering at events, and so I would ensure that the colours and design compliment all skin tones and body types.
?    One idea that I have is for our new uniform to have a darker base colour, for example black or navy, since these are flattering on everyone and don’t stain too easily.
?    I would also consider different types of bottoms allowing for better mobility, like shorts or a different style of skirt.
?    Lots of gems!!
?    I would use a different uniform supplier for improved quality. We have looked into Power Nation as a potential supplier, as recommended by Luna.
?    I would also like to reintroduce a KCL Lions sports bra and shorts set as optional merch, like the society have had in previous years.
?    Give plenty of notice to members before any payment deadlines.

I hope this gives you an outline of my vision and why you should choose me (and Eva) as your uniform officer - I look forward to seeing you all soon!