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Candidate for the position of ASEAN Society (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) - Academic Relations Director

Image for Alex HALE


Prioritising cultural affinity and appreciation for all 10 ASEAN member states through communal conversation, celebration and consumption.

It would be an honour if I was elected as Academic Relations Director to the ASEAN Society, to be one of the leaders within a community dear to my heart and to tick off my lifetime dream of running a podcast. Being a member of this society in my first year has been one of the highlights (especially the tote bags!) and I have met people from the events who I now consider very good friends, I am running because I would love to help make a similar impact upon new and existing members next year.

  • Objective 1: I have some fresh ideas for themes and topics of podcast episodes which I would put my full effort into implementing into many informative, interesting and insightful 30-45 minutes of glory. Including: THE top 10 South-East Asian (SEA) restaurants in London, sincere (with a hint of humorous!) discussions on familial relations, xenophobia and colonialism on the SEA region. I would treat the podcast like it's my favourite child and I truly believe it would prove a great success under my co-control.
  • Objective 2a:  I believe that I could assist with expanding outreach even further outward than previous years - propelling ASEAN to worldwide stardom and the name on everyone's lips through the creation of new events that are engaging and fun that parade and champion all 10 member states, such as a group sports activity of the popular SEA sport 'Shuttlecock'. I feel as if regionwide focus is one area of improvement and untapped potential. Another idea I have is a cooking class of a select dish from a SEA country, voted by the society's members. I pledge to do my best to push for this to happen through King's Kitchen and would happily lead the class myself as a keen and experienced chef who can read instructions.
  • Objective 3:  Push to raise £550 from the Christmas Fundraising Event an increase on the incredible £498 raised this year for the ‘Children of The Mekong’ charity. I listened to the volunteers talk about the fantastic stories of charity-sponsored children going to university and getting a well-paid job, enabling them to lift their entire family out of poverty and setting up future generations to receive a full education. Bringing people above the poverty line is an objective that cannot be bettered and therefore I would put everything I can into raising the maximum amount possible! 

To be transparent, my relevant experience isn't vast, however, I am well informed on the requirements of the role, and I believe I have the necessary skills and qualities. I list writing formal emails under my special talents which is useful for this role and give me a rare feeling of validation for my English degree. I will have my own room and already own recording equipment so will be able to host podcast recordings with guests in a comfortable and quiet environment. From a 100% impartial view, I have sufficient people skills thus working in tandem with the committee will be within my comfort zone. Unafraid to ask for help or admit weakness, I am not going to make any fickle promise that I will be perfect and mistake-free as initially, organisation and balancing will be challenging. If I am passionate about something and I think it can help others, making them smile, laugh or feel supported, there is nothing that will stop me from achieving that. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, seek further clarification at 07914120442 or @ale_x_hale on Instagram! 

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