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Candidate for the position of Doctor Who Society - Treasurer

Jade Nikoloff

Let me be your sugar daddy

Although, as we all know, my knowledge of Doctor Who isn’t quite up to the same level as other members of the society, I like to think that my triumph at our last trivial pursuit game is proof that I’m slowly improving. I can, however, confidently say that I make up for my lack of Doctor Who knowledge in budgeting skills and if in doubt, begging King’s to give us more money. I have, somehow, managed to get through this year, so far, without going into my overdraft and I see this as an argument for my appointment as the society's treasurer. Thanks to my statistics module, I know how to use excel (-ish/not really) to ensure detailed enough bookkeeping for there to be bourbons and snacks at our weekly screenings, games night, and any other social events we plan.

I like to think I am quite good at organisation, carrying out tasks effectively, and generally being the best material gworl I can be. If there’s any reason why you should vote for me, it’s that I am too much of a coward to commit embezzlement and so make a trustworthy account holder.


“SHOW ME THE MONEYYY!” - Jerry Maguire