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Candidate for the position of Intersectional Feminist Society - President

Image for Sude Inan

Sude Inan

"The future is not the unfolding of the present, there is power in imagination." - Angela Davis


After being the Welfare Officer this past year, I believe I have a good understanding of how IFEMSOC works, as well as developing a vision for which direction I think it should take next year. I am very passionate about the belief that societies like IFEMSOC should be platforms for students to engage in activism within their university community through opportunities for education and social connections which can’t be found within the curriculum, therefore I will be committing to making IFEMSOC a society that is leading the movement rather than reacting to it.  Who will be loud and direct about the issues we face, if not ourselves and if not IFEMSOC? As a person who in their first two years found solace in the existence of this society since it stood for things I also stood for, I want to make IFEMSOC louder and more present in issues regarding KCL/KCLSU and wider community. In line with this idea, it is my wish to expand the circle IFEMSOC is generally engaged with by working with societies we never have, while reinforcing our relationship with likeminded societies to grow our community.


At this point in my personal journey, I can say that my world view is through a feminist lens and the feminism I practice is one that can’t be thought separately from intersectionality. The feminism I try to practice, recognizes the multiple hierarchies operating within the world and aims to dismantle all of them and the intersections between them. Therefore, in my view, racism, queerphobia, classism, transphobia, ableism, islamophobia and more, are intrinsically linked to what feminism stands against, since genuine liberation lays in dismantling all the oppressive institutions that cage us. I know what I have been through in my experience within these hierarchies, and I am always open to genuinely listening to and learning from as many people as I can. I try to be emotional and empathetic, even radically so when it is deemed irrational, when I engage with politics. Because emotion and communal healing are some of the most powerful ways of practicing intersectional feminism, in my opinion.


The initiatives that I would like the committee to carry on from this year already make an impressive list. We have established good connections with The Feminist Library which I would like to continue since how they run the library is an example of what I think IFEMSOC emulates as well. This year we have highlighted artists, and art as a healing and expression tool, and I see value in continuing on this. More so, the strikes will most likely continue to be a huge part of our university experience and I think there is a lack of student organization when it comes to how we respond to it. I would like to bring together multiple student groups to present a more united front as the student body. IFEMSOC has been leading the anti-sexual harrasment and assault initiatives for a long while now, and the society will continue to campaign for zero tolerance within KCLSU/KCL spaces and beyond. And lastly, in my observation, all anyone wants from a society event is good conversations with interesting people, and I will try to fulfill this with our panels next year. Above all, I genuinely value this society and have faith in its particular importance as a communal space for expression, compassion, and activism.