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Candidate for the position of GKT Football (Men's) - Social Secretary

Jad B and Zac B

Zac Bell + Jad Bounassif:

Gentlemen of the Football Club,

Now that we are coming to the end of our fresher year, we feel that next year, we could hopefully try to live up to the very high level set by our potential predecessors.  As a result, we are running for the position of social secs.

Despite our captain’s hatred for GB, we have had a strong attendance allowing us to mix with the rest of the club and thus hearing some questionable chat from all members. As our bank statements can show, we have drawers full of costumes and too many charges for pitchers at GB. In spite of some controversial results with the 4s, we’ve still turned up for all training sessions and matches demonstrating our dedication to the finest football club in the world. Before joining GKT, never did we think we would be walking around Newcastle in pig costumes, but worryingly that hasn’t scared us off. Now after over half a year in this club and with the seniors providing us with a welcoming environment to fully integrate ourselves within it, we want to offer the same to next year’s freshers as well as maintaining great relationships within and outside the club. To achieve this, we will be organising as many socials and entertaining events as possible throughout the year. From the many socials we will plan, you can expect some dreadful themes for all to enjoy. Also, having been years since the last abroad tour, we want to plan a clarse trip overseas for the club. If we get this position, we can guarantee that we will work hard and stay organised to secure another great year for GKTFC.

To conclude, over the course of the year we have become close friends and have shown our complete commitment to the club both on and off the pitch. We hope that next year we can take this dedication and channel it into the club as social secs.

In the eyes,

Jad and Zac