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Candidate for the position of Japan Society - President

Image for Elaine HUA

Elaine HUA

konnichiwa, I am Elaine~ milktea and sushi lover. Bringing about lots of tanoshii events next year!

A bit about myself

I was born in Shanghai and raised in Hong Kong. I am currently a second-year undergraduate law student at King's. I joined the Japan Society in my first year, taking intermediate language classes. In my second year, I joined the committee as Events Officer and was in charge of organizing events, while also doing some publicity and outreach work. 


Why is Japan/ Japan Society important to me?

I am a big fan of Japanese popular/ traditional culture such as anime (too many that I love), manga, Jpop (Higedan & YOASOBI), J-drama, Japanese literature (Higashino Keigo, Otsuichi), and Japanese movies (love letter). I also love Japanese food (sushi, ramen, onigiri, mochi~ but still trying to accept natto :P). Running marathons in Japan has been one of my biggest dreams since reading Takagi Naoko's manga 

(oh yh if you want to add me on myanimelist, the username is-- yukie_oreki)

Japan Society is important to me because I met so many wonderful people here. I love the friendly and inclusive environment and I love bonding with everyone else who is enthusiastic about Japanese culture. I have been learning Japanese since secondary school and I am very thankful that I am able to continue my study here at Japan Society's language class.


What would I make happen if I become the President?

1. More Pub Social events, and the Boat Party! According to the poll that we run on Instagram this year, pub socials were the most requested event. This year we did two pub social collaborations with UCL and my goal for next year is to keep the collab with UCL, while also reaching out to other universities -- Imperial College, SOAS, etc. To make the Boat Party happen next academic year, I will start planning and start talking to the UCL/Imperial Japan Society during the summer.

2. More partnerships. This year Japan Society had kick-started the partnership program and we outreached to some restaurants and grocery shops (achieved partnerships: Rice Wine, Nazuki Garden; still in progress: Sakurado, Itadaki-zen). Next year, I will push forward collaborations with restaurants in Chinatown/near campus.

3. Keep the collabs and traditions going. I will make sure that the collabs such as Rice to Meet you (w/ Hallyu and Anime Society), Undokai (w/ imperial, UCL, and SOAS Japan Society) will be happening next year. 

4. More career events, for both Japanese students and International Students. At the moment, Japan Society's career events are only offered to Japanese students (and non-Japanese who speak fluent Japanese). While making sure that those will happen next year, I will also actively follow up with the career officer to push forward career events for International Students who want to work in Japan but don't know how to. 

5. Language events. I will actively communicate with Language Officer and Events Officer to see whether we can have language cafe or language-integrated events alongside the usual language classes.

6. Generally try to push forward more fun events! Due to covid restrictions and other organization difficulty reasons, there are lots of events that we planned but didn't realize such as Karaoke, Eat Tokyo visit, etc. Our VP/ Secretary - Draco has also suggested that we could do a football 'watch party' when Japan plays in the World Cup in November, which I would love to push forward.

7. Better Social Media outlook/management. I will communicate with the publicity officer to improve the image of our social media pages (especially Instagram), such as setting a theme color/theme of the poster so that there's a better sense of unity.

8. 'Japan Festival'. After attending the Japan Festival held by UCL Japan Society this year, where they set up stalls that mimic Japanese 'matsuri game' and hosted multiple Japanese restaurants, we are inspired to do a festival of a similar kind in KCL next year (perhaps at the Bush House courtyard). I will push forward this plan.


What relevant skills can I demonstrate in this position?

I am a passionate and responsible person, fulfilling my tasks in a time-efficient manner. After serving as the Events Officer this past year, I have abundant experience organizing Japan Society's events and approaching other societies/ universities' Japan Society. I have also actively engaged in reaching out to restaurants (such as Nazuki Garden) for collaboration, which I will continue doing with other possible grocery stores/ restaurants (together with the Outreach Officer next year). I am good at communicating with other committee members and offering help whenever they needed.