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Candidate for the position of Boat Club - Social Secretary

Image for Hannah FOSTER


My lungs may have failed me; My liver will not.

Considering my beginnings on this eath started out with my grandad putting whiskey in my baby bottle, I feel it is only approprtiate to nurture our new sweet freshers and fill their 'metaphorical' baby bottles with the finest juniper juice known to man.

Since joining the BC in september I have been baptised in a colourful world of all sorts of social activites, from having my first club night end with me whispering sweet nothings to the John Keats statue to getting my kit off in the cam and drinking gin from a dettol bottle. I feel as though I truly understand what it means to be a rower at this beautiful club and there is no other group of people I'd rather dress up as barnyard animals and run around a field with. 

I feel as though I am suitable for this role as my attendance to socials has been greater than my entire high school atttendance and my attendance to AR2, sorry victoria x. My recent adventures in learning how to cox has also allowed me to get to know memebers of every one of our crews which allows me to be able to connect everyone from these different crews together and strengthen the inter-crew bonds in the club. My other qualities include; commitment to themes, firming ginings and looking after those among us who are less sensible (you've all seen who my nearest and dearest are...) 

During my year in office I hope to carry on with these antics with whomever my just as chaotic co-social sec will be by hosting a wide array of key events such as christmas dinner, cocktail night and of course the ever important cambridge tour. I also want to introduce a few more socials into the club. ever since attending my first boat ball I have dreamed of us hosting our own.

I also hope to bring us all closer together and FOSTER a strong bond between the freshers and seniors by creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and apart of the club from the first social by planning a welcome curry night at the start of the year to really throw the frosh into the deep end of curry and gin.

On a more serious note; i am aware this role requires organisational and bugeting skills or else I will feel the full wrath of the treasurer. I will aim to make socials as affordable as possible (do love a bargain) and use my coxing voice to ensure people pay so we don't end up bankrupt. in addition to making sure information about socials and themes are posted in advance to avoid the dreaded wedneday afternoon primark trip.

To round it off, I think i'd be a great fit for this role as I love the sesh, Curries and have just enough braincells to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Blessed x