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Candidate for the position of Boat Club - Welfare & Safety Officer

Image for Hannah FOSTER


Trust me I have my first aid girl guiding patch.

 Not only am I nurse, I was a girl guide and have watched all 16 seasons of grey's anatomy.

As you all may know I do love a social but more importantly i love coming back home all in one piece with a kebab in my hand, so at the end of every social I will make sure that everyone is able to get home to a safe place and respond to any emergencies that may occur. I aslo understand that freshers can feel pressured into drinking so will make sure no one is being made to drink more than they are comfortable with.

I feel as though I am a great fit for this position as I am well versed in caring for people in both the physical and the mental aspects and feel as though i am a responsible and trustworthy person to look after the welfare of everyone in this club due to my vigilance and ability to spot when things are wrong.

During my time in this role I will ensure that the boats, launches, life jackets and any other equipment is in full and safe working condition to ensure outings go as smoothly and safely as possible. I will also read up on the british rowing and any other racing organisations safety regulations along with the university and student union.

I will also make sure the new group of freshers are able to swim strongly/tread water and are educated on what do if they end up in the water by sharing resources with them and hopefully organising capsize drills/swim training. Of course I will also extend this to seniors if they wish.

On land I will make sure that everyone in this club is aware that I am a person they can speak to about any concerns they may have regarding the club or not and offer a google form if they wish to remain anonymous.

during my year at the club I feel as though there is a strong sense of comradderie that I hope to carry on into the next year and beyond. 

To wrap it all up i belive i am best fit for this role as i have the knowlege of what makes rowing safe and am an easy to talk to person so that if things do go wrong people are able to feel as though they can come to me. and their concerns will be listened to and resolved.

foster x