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Candidate for the position of GKT Rugby (Women's) - Treasurer

Image for Charlie WOODWARD


Hey hey GKT!


Having held a committee post for the last 2 years, my sights are now set on looking after our moneys $$$$$$


My own budgeting skills will be brought to the club, through my spreadsheeting skills (ask Georgia and Ffion) and through my determined attitude no matter what KCLSU throws at us. I am currently working 2 jobs and have self-funded my way through uni thus far, no help from the bank of mum and dad (but maybe a little help from student finance). This has meant sticking to tight budgets and monitoring my expenditure to ensure I do not go into debt ahhhh but still have enough to spend on things I enjoy such as saving for holidays. I currently use ExCel to keep track of my own spending, so I am fairly familiar with it already.

Fun fact: believe it or not, I have never been in my over draft.


I am mentally prepared to deal with the nightmare that is KCLSU and am determined to get MAX grants for the club, the more the better ayy. I will also keep close eye on reimbursements and ensure everyone gets reimbursed for any expenses as soon as possible with no delay.


I will apply myself to the role of Treasurer working closely with the President and other committee members to ensure our funds are put towards the right places, subs are paid and that any other financial goals are reached.  


I would love to continue being on the committee of this amazing club for which I am so grateful for. Please vote for me as your new Treasurer, you will not be disappointed ;)