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Candidate for the position of KCL Ophthalmology Society - Vice-President

Image for Mohammad Anas

Mohammad Anas

Having been involved with the KCL Ophthalmology Society for the past 3 years, my passion and interest with this speciality has only grown. Being the Events Officer throughout this past year, I have been part of a very successful society year. We have secured many great partnerships and collaborations including the MDU, the Royal Society of Medicine alongside other great organisations. Furthermore, throughout the year we were able to host 2 international events, including our international undergraduate ophthalmology virtual conference as well as many academic events such as our year 3 CMS crash course and Duke Elder Series. We also hosted the inaugural Eyeball, which saw many students who are interested in ophthalmology attend to network and share interest with each other.


Having had a great oversight of the events across the year, I believe I am suited to take on the Vice-President role and catalyse even more success and efficiency through the management of the sub-teams.

As events officer this year, I was able to expand my network in the ophthalmology speciality and organise a microsurgical skills course, which is something that I plan on helping the new Events Team undertake in the year to come. This will allow medical students of all years to have a taste of ophthalmology as well as surgery, being taught and led by consultant ophthalmologists throughout the day.


Additionally, to this, with the vast network I have grown, I will be capable of helping the academic, events team and conference team, in organising a variety of talks from external medical specialists spreading over a huge range of sub-specialities. This will include benefitting the annual ophthalmology conference, the duke elder series alongside the year 3 and year 5 teaching sessions. Furthermore, I would like to tailor the society to having a more research-based approach next year – allowing more student to have a lot more opportunities to have a taster of what research in medicine is like – which will directly be linked to the mentorship programme. I want to further ensure more regular sessions discussing industry leading topics, with the possibility of engaging with MedTech companies and external guests excelling and impacting the Ophthalmology profession. In addition, I would like to make people more aware of ophthalmology, a few events including a day in the life of an ophthalmologists where we allow students to use machinery and gadgets ophthalmologists use daily – which will also benefit those in year’s 3 and 5 with their OSCE preparation.


With my experience throughout university taking part in a different range of societies, such as Treasurer in a very successful debut year of KCL Respiratory Society, I have become very fond of the structure of an academic society and what is required to run a successful year. We have also led many lecture series’ alongside academic sessions, charity events, however the main thing I would like to further implement to KCL Ophthalmology Society is an outreach programme. As part of respiratory society, we have been able to go around to different schools and provide basic life support lessons which I believe is a great initiative which we can collate into Ophthalmology society – perhaps through teaching students about eyesight and how daily life activities can affect it.


Moreover, to this, I would like to organise more outreach opportunities for example at local centres who care for those who are visually impaired - to provide further insight into the disabling conditions many people unfortunately suffer from. This will directly allow students who are thinking of ophthalmology as a speciality to have a primary insight into the profession and is also a very good experience which will better their portfolio.

Furthermore, my experience in the ARK Project and organising a dinner for more than 250 people will allow me to further develop the Eyeball event which we had taken place this year.


Overall, with my experiences in both KCL Ophthalmology Society alongside my other extracurricular experiences, I believe I have the experience as well as passion and motivation to take on the Vice President role.