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Candidate for the position of Biochemistry Society - Events Officer

Image for Regi Ong

Regi Ong

Running the greatest of all STEM ;)

I’m Regi I’m a first-year biochemistry student, but most of you will know me as ‘that girl that’s always out drinking’ and here’s why you should vote for me to be your events officer.

First and foremost, I’m fun. Try to think of one night out with me that hasn’t been fun or looked fun; I know plenty of people and plenty of places and I can get along with anyone so nothing will ever be awkward with me.

I also have a lot of experience in planning and hosting events

  • My school’s alumni club launch dinner with a three-course meal and champagne reception, live music, dj, and special alumni guests
  • Organising prom and leavers hoodies
  • Charity committee and senior prefect at school means
  • Hosting fundraising events - bake sales and bigger Christmas and valentine’s special events
  • I understand the importance of working closely with a committee to ensure everything is well thought out and how to quickly resolve unexpected problems so that everything can run as smoothly as possible

I have loads of ideas for regular social and academic events and some plans for freshers, Christmas and of course end of year. Here are some of my potential ideas:

  • Freshers boat party
  • Winter Ball/Spring Ball – open to everyone
  • Biochemistry Christmas Dinner
  • Candy cane event for Christmas (from the movie Mean Girls)– collaborate with other science/academic societies
  • Regular socials at least once or twice a month – drinking and non-drinking such as movie nights, pizza parties, brunch, cocktail nights and everyone’s favourite pub crawls and much more 
  • Academic events as well of course – so we can all not fail our degree and actually get jobs
  • Biochem soc buddy system with freshers and returners to help freshers settle in
  • End of year party – open to everyone

With me as events officer, biochemistry society will have the best events that every other society will wish they had. As committee, it’s important to me that everyone has an amazing experience with biochem society; I want to help make everyone feel welcomed and make more friends on our course, just as this year’s committee has done for me.

For the most fun and unforgettable events, make sure to vote for me for events officer!