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Candidate for the position of India Society - Marketing Officer

Image for Neha Imran

Neha Imran


Hello, it’s an honour to be here today. For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, my name is Neha Imran and I'm here to explain why I believe you should vote for me as your Marketing officer for 2022 and 2023.

I have been a member of the KCL IndiaSoc  for a year now and have attended numerous events from the very simple ones such as the Meet and Greet to the more interactive ones such as the infamous Karoke Night. My university experience has definitely been enhanced due to my participation in these events and I wish to pass onto this enjoyable experience to upcoming students aswell as continuing ones through my position as a Marketing Officer. With extensive prior knowledge on social media and other marketing platforms such as Canva and Adobe, I am qualified for this position and would relish the opportunity to put my ideas into action. Each society needs effective marketing and advertising strategies, which range from posters to campaigns to hoodies. I believe that targeted social media campaigns may be used to foster an atmosphere of openness, ensuring that potential new members feel welcome to join the Indian Society at any time, as well as providing quick access to information about Indian Society activities for those interested in attending.

Another idea I have is to compile all of the Indian Society highlights from an academic year into an annual YouTube video such as for the Diwali Boat party which would serve to attract both new members and provide a pleasant memento for current society members and thus make the event even bigger than it already is. I have numerous ideas for how our society could be publicized.

Previously, I served as the president of the Women's organisation at my college, where I coordinated several successful events. This job has equipped me with multiple skills, such as innovative marketing ideas, organisational and team management abilities and others; which make me an ideal candidate for this role.

Finally, I recognise the critical nature of communication in this role, not just with the rest of the executive committee, but with all of the society's members, and as an affable person, I would have no difficulty with this. I am a strong believer of inclusivity and highly keen on ensuring everyone including freshers and continuing student feel welcomed and have a memorable time and hence I wish to instil confidence in everyone to attend all events through our marketing strategies. Serving the Indian community, I believe, would be the most effective approach to connect like-minded individuals.

Additionally, I would work with the Treasurer and the rest of the Committee members to develop a financial calendar that will allow us to make the most of our time together and host some memorable social activities. So vote for me and let’s grow this incredible community together!