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Candidate for the position of Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Society - Social Media Officer

Image for Angela


I create to connect, convey and inspire at the interface of art and synbiotech.

Dear fellow peers,


I am Angela studying neuroscience in my second year. I am excited to run for the social media officer for the KCL synthetic biology and biotechnology society!


Being the IoPPN officer in the committee last year, I had experience in organizing and promoting events at the interface of biotechnology and neuroscience while engaging with students from the IoPPN department and providing networking opportunities with speakers. One of my favourite events I had the pleasure to organise last year was an interactive science communication workshop. We highlighted the importance of communicating science in a clear and fun manner utilising a variety of strategies and media. Being a team member of iGEM 2021, I had the opportunity to work on public engagement with the wider synthetic biology community, including making social media campaigns, educational guides and articles.


Working as the social media officer at the interface of synthetic biology biotechnology and art, I will strive to increase the accessibility and inclusivity of our social media platforms, aiming to reach a diverse range of audiences across multidisciplinary fields. I aim to do this by making more accessible and inclusive promotional content and design, for instance, writing content with clarity, choosing suitable colour schemes, text sizes and fonts, and including image and video captions and descriptions. I would stretch outside my comfort zone and explore other media and platforms to engage with audiences, including developing short videos, podcasts and article issues about exciting synbiotech knowledge, events and opportunities. Furthermore, I would gather monthly feedback from members and audiences on the event content and satisfaction via evaluative short quizzes and polls on Instagram, and or Google Form surveys. As a committee member, I will also be working closely with all members of the committee to develop responsible and engaging media content as an effort toward making synthetic biology and biotechnology more approachable, inclusive and accessible, widen participation, inspire and encourage the pursuit of studying and working in this emerging exciting field of synbiotech. Last but not least, as I create, I will always keep the 'why' in the back of my mind, reminding myself and my audience of our values and motivations as the KCL biotechnology and synthetic biology society.

Ultimately, I create to connect, convey and inspire at the interface of art and synbiotech.

Thank you for reading and I would appreciate each of your votes!