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Candidate for the position of KCL Badminton - President

Image for Timothy Su

Timothy Su

Shaping an inclusive and cherished community through the enjoyment of both recreational and competitive badminton.

With the uncertainty of Covid hindering our ability to play badminton over the past 2 years, this academic year, KCL badminton has finally made its return with new friendships and communities being formed and the dust being cleaned off of old badminton gear. We are students at the end of the day and are therefore not expected to play at the highest level of badminton, but to enjoy the process of training and bonding with friends, new or old, and the rebuilding of the KCL badminton community has well and truly begun with a strong foundation being laid this year.

As president, I will build upon these foundations and build upon the close-knitted community that this club is so well-known for. I will bridge the gap between recreational and team players through more regularly organised events and socials, both drinking and non-drinking. Weekly pub quizzes, team-rec bonding sessions, food socials and activities from go-karting to bowling. These are only a few ideas I have in mind and with connections to the presidents and committee members of other sports societies, we will be able to do joint socials and show off our club to the rest of King's. Additionally, an increased social media presence will be emphasised with announcements and weekly team reports (an old favourite) being brought back from the archives.

Badminton at King's will continue to grow in popularity, and I will make sure to give all players equal opportunities to improve their skills and enjoy their badminton. Sessions for recreational and team players will be coordinated with more structure and order to allow the full potential of all players to be exposed and I will ensure that each member's voice is heard with both my ears being open to suggestions throughout the year on how the club can improve. Furthermore, through the introduction of a wellbeing sec, you will be able to have any problems or issues dealt with to ensure that you can fully focus on enjoying your badminton.

Having been 2nd team captain this year, I have already begun to prove my worth as a leader and have gained so many new experiences and friendships that I want every member of the club to encounter. Furthermore, the upcoming Stella Cup demonstrates an important step towards greater inclusivity with the recreational players amongst the team players that I mentioned before. An event which I organised along with the help of other committee members. These are only a few examples of my experience and vision for what KCL badminton can be.

I hope this has given you an insight into the future of KCL badminton if I were to be elected president. Please join us at this year's AGM to hear my plans in more detail and have a chat with me. Thank you.