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Candidate for the position of Boat Club - Men's Captain

Image for Harvey XIANG

Harvey XIANG

Time to activate the Men's squad.


Why are you applying for this position?

I’ve always thought that what the men’s squad needs is a Men’s captain that actually trains on a regular basis (sorry Khalid) so that they can lead the way and set an example that the rest of the squad can follow. I want to fulfil that role and steer (the boat that is) the Men’s squad to even more success. Against all odds, we were the fastest UH crew at (man)HORR this year, beating ICSM by more than 12 seconds; I truly think that if we hone our training next year, we could even go on to defeat our arch-nemesis UCL. So, the question now is: why wouldn’t I want to lead the Men’s squad to that end?

I’ve also overseen some of the fresher men’s squad training and I’d love to witness and aid in their progression from freshers to intermediates to full-blown seniors. They’re the future of the men’s squad and, going forward, I want to ensure that KCLBC’s men’s squad is the strongest it can be for many years to come. What better role to ensure that than Men’s Captain?

Lastly, there’s always the cliché about how “KCLBC has become my second family etc etc…” But in all seriousness, ever since I was a novice in my fresher year I’ve loved my time at KCLBC and it’s become a place where I can escape from uni and work. I’ve formed some of my closest friendships here, and without the BC I know that my time at uni would be intolerable. Having said that, it’s only natural that I want to contribute towards the success of our club.


What will you bring to the role and why do you feel you are suitable?


Having been Men’s Vice-captain this year, I feel I am the most prepared member of the men’s squad to assume the role of Men’s captain. During this year, I have essentially acted as Men’s Captain when Khalid has been away, taking on the responsibility to set crews, plan training, put in race entries and liaise with the rest of committee to ensure the men’s squad will have their training week by week.

As Men’s Vice-captain, I took it upon myself to organise most of the land training this year. This involved booking AR2 erg slots for the men and supervising each session. I also met with Willem to discuss and formulate a comprehensive weights program to accelerate strength gains that would specifically benefit rowing. Thus, due to my extensive experience overseeing the men’s squad land and water training, naturally the next step for me is to lead as Men’s Captain.


What do you intend to do during your year in office?

Firstly, I intend to maximise the water time the squad has. This means that most weeks there will be three water sessions per crew, with two sessions as a bare minimum. This should greatly improve our chances at races as lack of water time in set crews was the biggest factor for our disappointing performances at the start of the year. I want to work with the Women’s Captain to ensure that this is possible and no clashes with the wamsquad training arise.  

Land training will be optimised. I intend to continue to work with Willem to have set ergs every week, with a test erg every week to give everyone a goal to work towards. A new weights program will also be devised to aid us in our strength development – so we can beat UCL on the water, at arm-wrestling and in boat races.