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Candidate for the position of Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA) - Academic Officer

Anthony SIU

Hi! I'm Anthony in second year and I am applying for the position of KCL Academic officer. One of the helpful experiences that equipped me with the knowledge and skillset for Academic officer includes volunteering in IC's preCPA mock organised by AMSA, which demonstrated to me how face to face events should be organised and all the preparation that went behind the scenes including recruitment, organisation, event promotion etc. As restrictions are being lifted, I am expecting more opportunities for real life academic events in KCL in the upcoming year. I also have plenty of experience in delivering tutorials under KCL MERJ society, which not only involves making the content, but also learning about the logistics, guidelines, and other essential resources (feedback forms for example) behind tutoring events. These are all helpful skills to have when organising similar events for AMSA and needing to communicate with the academic team. I am also co-owner of MedU tutoring company based in Hong Kong and starting up a business from scratch has taught me a problem-solving mindset and key networking skills, which are crucial for my vision for AMSA next year. In the upcoming year, my main aim is to get AMSA KCL academic events back on track again with its target and widen participation from different year groups. To achieve this, I will be proactive with not only AMSA and its wider network, but also seek for opportunities to collaborate with other societies in KCL in order to recruit more audience.