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Candidate for the position of Boat Club - Men's Freshers Vice-Captain

Image for Yuvraj Singh-Dehal

Yuvraj Singh-Dehal

Education is important but Rowing is more importanter

Continuing a Legacy
- I would like to put into practice everything that Kristian has taught us, and extend his legacy to create a strong group of freshers with a solid base to then excel in future years and build a name for KCLBC
- Furthermore, in building on Kris’s legacy, I aim to;

- Obtain a sponsor from Tesco’s to fund copious meal deals in order to fuel the freshers

- Foster a positive relationship between fresher men and wam

- Ensure the abuse of freshers via lethal ergs - with the assistance of Big Harv I hope


Sourcing the New Men of KCLBC
- I would like to increase the recruitment in terms of the numbers of freshers we have joining - With one key addition being another Potter for the forthcoming year, we need a man who;

- A - resembles the character
        - I will spend many hours around King’s libraries with Ata to find the ideal candidates, presenting a shortlist            of applications to the Committee
- B - Never turn up to OTW training, occasionally pulls a 10 minute 2K

- C - turn up to enough socials to be ginned frequently
- D - never lasts long enough to have curry on a curry night


What do I Bring ?
- A long term investment - given the number of years I will be studying at King’s, I am interested in getting thoroughly involved in the Boat Club as soon as possible so that I can continue to have a positive and lasting impact
- Starting as Fresher Captain quickly puts me in a good position to build a strong team from the first year and then continue their development over several years as I mentor them

- Commitment - throughout my first year at KCLBC, not only have I consistently attended both OTW and erg training sessions for the fresher men, but also covered OTW for senior men and fresher Wam whenever needed

- I aim to bring this commitment to the boat club, and this should further go to show my dedication in furthering KCLBC

- I would like to continue this level of commitment and dedication in a position of leadership so I can maximise the positive influence I bring to the BC



The Future of the BC

Retribution at Varsity
- Next year’s freshers will be absolute beasts at sprints

- Ata will teach 100m sprint classes and I will take the 500m ( long distance ) - There is no point in training any longer than this, except for 2K tests
- All long distance ergs are to be considered a ginnable offence


Freshers International
- with the blessing of Ata S, Queen of Turkey, I would like to instigate a week-long Fresher training programme in Turkey for the 8 who have shown the most commitment and growth at the BC
- This intensive programme will consist mainly of a massive bulk on Turkish street food, getting drunk off the cheapest booze Ata can find and maybe some rowing



The Training Plan
- I aim to increase fresher commitment to the indoor training plan in order to show some real growth, again with the aim of producing big boys for future years

  • -  develop a training programme along the lines of what Kris has presented us with

  • -  I will encourage gym sessions as groups for encouragement and mandate tracking weight progress in order to develop a sense of competition, something which the current fresher’s 8 have benefited from greatly

  • -  Of course with a heavy focus on mobility and that weird stretch Josh does sometimes

  • -  Other than that I can promise Ata and I will bring some absolutely blessed Leg Days

  • -  Develop a solid 8 with sub 7 2k’s by the end of first year

  • -  In order for freshers to make the top 8, attendance at GB will be logged and those with the

    highest hours will be considered


  • Other
    - a mandatory tax imposed on freshers to supply seniors with ample Gin
    - Ensuring Potter becomes Cox
    - make sure Josh has no influence over the political ideology of the Freshers
    - Make sure that freshers can set the boat - by Christmas
    - Build a secure base for the development of freshers in the long term
    - Club Cohesion - Foster a positive relationship between freshers and the rest of the BC
    - Continue developing the ancient traditions of the boat club and instilling good values in the freshers, including upholding initiations in Cambridge and the fastest DC Challenge on the Tideway

    Your future captains Yuvi and Ata x