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Candidate for the position of GKT Rugby (Women's) - Treasurer


I am the treasure x

I would greatly enjoy being your money-man this year! I believe I have shown commitment to our club and better understand the inner workings of how we work now. I have learnt there are a lot of hidden duties with this role, all of which I am able to complete. As social secretary I have been very involved in our committee and will continue to do so if elected. I know people think I am all stupidness, but I am actually capable of organising and being an adult. I understand my role and would aim to help every member of the committee and the president to further our club’s name. I have often organised events, focussing on the finance – such as leading our school prom committee, and being financier on a trek in Cambodia when I was 16. 

I love this club, and would be so, so happy to see us reach new heights! I believe I am an integral part of the club, whether it be a pop off queen or macadam water girl – and I think as treasurer I can make sure we continue to be one of the most sociable clubs around! This club has given me a lifeline through the scariness of medicine, and I hope to continue helping others find the solace that is GKTWRFC (and a VK). 

When I look around my club, I see some of the most driven girls I have ever seen and you guys inspire me a lot. I love to call this club my home, and would like to continue to serve it in any way I can. Please elect me so I can get a new committee jumper :) 


Don’t forget, I am the treasure x