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Candidate for the position of KCL Political Economy Society - President

Image for Sameer Ahmad

Sameer Ahmad

Wedding Politics with Economics.

I am Sameer, a second year Political Economy Student. I am an instinctive leader with a passion for society and social sciences, especially Politics and Economics. I have successfully completed the National Citizen Service as a Team Director, voluntary work in Asia and hosted Charity Dinners. Being the eldest sibling of four, alongside other experiences has come to my advantage in bringing about my naturally disciplined, enthusiastic and confident traits. Yet I strive towards becoming a completely just, rational, open-minded character as well- all of which will facilitate my role as the president of this society. 

As your President:

  • I will effectively lead and facilitate the continuation of this established society with a more integrated committee.

  • I will ensure that my committee fulfill their duties with event planning, finance, coordination, and the promotion of the society.

  • I will constructively capitalise on the skills and strengths of my committee in ensuring that we make the most of our capabilities with the society efficiently.

  • I will set up and execute a vast variety of events relevant to the society with the intention of appealing to all members, aiming to expand and attract as many active members as possible.

  • I will consistently interact with the DPE and KCLSU to maximise our resources and events potential.

  • I will actively collaborate with the societies of similar interests on similar matters, growing our society's reach and reputation, alongside the other DPE societies.

  • I will productively ensure that all feedback is appropriately considered when progressing the society throughout the academic year, with willingness to involve the relevant parties/people. 

  • I will develop personal and friendly relationships with the members of this society and my committee to allow everyone to feel involved, heard, and welcome, 

  • I will give everyone the opportunity to meet others, voice their opinions and truly enjoy themselves.

With your vote, all the above will happen and this society will thrive.