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Candidate for the position of Harry Potter Society - Social Secretary

Lily Howe

Rita Skeeter's Rival - bringing the Quibbler to you.

Dear fellow Witch/Wizard,

I am Lily, resident Slytherin at KCL who wishes for a Pygmy Puff or two and is still waiting for their Hogwarts letter... My alter ego is Bellatrix Lestrange (of course!).

If appointed as Social Secretary, I intend to:

1) Create individual house Instagram, Snapchat and Discord groups, as well as main 'great hall' pages which will contain the latest news, chat and competitions etc, to immerse fellow witches and wizards into the Harry Potter world (yes, the muggles will be jealous).

2) Advertise places we can all go to which are Harry Potter based and, if you cannot attend, send out information of Harry Potter themed places for individuals or small groups to go to if you do not wish to/cannot attend such as the recent Covent Garden inspired Butterbeer pop up, Harry Potter photographic exhibtion, Minalima exhibitions, to the changes happenning in Warner Bros. Studios such as their new themes (such as the current Weasley twins theme).

3) I will revamp how the Harry Potter society greet members etc. - letters of acceptance online or by post and even a sorting ceremony perhaps.  By extension, I will make sure all emails/notices are Harry Potter inspired in a Quibler or daily mail font...As far as moving images go, gifs will have to do i am afraid...

4) Keep in touch with members, wanting to know what they expect from the society and if they have any ideas, generally increasing chat between members.

Thank you!