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Candidate for the position of KCL Climate Action Society - Campaign officer - climate education


Hi, my name is Rosie and I'm a first year International Relations student. I am interested particularly in this role because I believe effective climate education is absolutely fundamental to tackle the climate crisis, especially after the pandemic and the spread of misinformation. I believe I am the ideal candidate for this position as I am passionate about learning about more ways to tackle the climate crisis from an individual, governmental, and global perspective.


1) ensure accessible peer-reviewed climate change information

  • I believe this is an essential place to begin due to the current spread of misinformation.This would firstly include basic facts and projections about climate change with reliable sources such as the UN and IPCC, with accessible and practical information spread via a newsletter, social media, etc.
  • Surveys for KCL students to gage their current level of understanding on climate change
  • A weekly newsletter/post on social media focusing on a different element of the climate crisis each week e.g. what policy options are governments considering, what individuals can do to reduce their carbon footprint, how climate change affects a particular group.
  • Would involve a 'good news' section e.g. of new scientific breakthroughs concerning the climate crisis, or government policies around the world aimed at tackling it, to encourage positive awareness and mobilisation where it applies, instead of anxiety


2) inviting practitioners in a range of different areas e.g. scientists, policymakers, economists, to speak on the climate crisis

  • This would allow attendees from different courses and with different interests to engage with climate education and assess how this fits into their area of interest, therefore bringing awareness to the climate crisis and differing perspectives which can be valuable


3) engaging with the different departments at KCL to include climate education in their curriculum

  • Not only is climate change essential to educating students, but it is also important to question how it interacts with the departments of KCL. As campaigns officer I would make an effort to review the space climate education takes up in the curriculum and ensuring it does have a space.
  • Engagement with different departments would also interact with my second point, as both would help to spread climate education, and this is especially effective if it appeals to people's areas of interest.
  • Keeping open communication with and aligning with King's Sustainability team and the Climate Action Network