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Candidate for the position of Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Society - Secretary

Image for Winnie Liu

Winnie Liu

Vote Winnie for Secretary! I strive to increase our reach to other disciplines, secure more funding via sponsorship, foster entrepreneurship networking and share the achievements of the KCL iGEM team

About Me

  • BSc Biomedical Science 
  • Second Year
  • Passionate about genetics and synthetic biology

I joined Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Society at the start of second year and absolutely love the community here! I have actively participated in events, including Synbio UK’s accelerator programme ‘Catalyse’. I hope to give back to this wonderful society by being a committee member!

Plans For Next Year


Increase our reach to other disciplines

Synthetic Biology is multidisciplinary, involving scientists from biology, engineering, computer science and chemistry. To combat the misconception that it is only for biology students, I would like to organise sessions with other STEM societies introducing synthetic biology to a wider audience. What's more, I aim to reach out to different facilities to promote our societies and iGEM in their mailing lists to expand our overall presence at King's.

Secure more funding via sponsorship

As the society reached around 140 members this year, I believe it is at the right stage to expand our funding source through sponsorship with biotech companies and start-ups, such as offering to promote them via our newsletter. Not only does this enable our society to nurture more professional relationships with the biotech sector but also keeps our members up to date with exciting opportunities.

Foster entrepreneurship networking

The Catalyse programme made me realize that a lot of our members are interested in entrepreneurship and wish to be involved in the development of a start-up. However, they may not have the network or the knowledge to start their own start-up. As such, I propose entrepreneurship networking events to provide an opportunity to meet potential co-founders and brainstorm ideas.

Share the achievements of the KCL iGEM team

I first discover this society from iGEM and was immensely impressed by their accomplishments. Although the wiki exhaustively documented what they have done in the summer, there isn't an opportunity for members to get to know more about the experience. I believe a session for the current iGEM team to showcase their work would not only let members understand and appreciate the impressive work to the fullest but also raise our sense of belonging in our society.


Past Experience

Wellbeing Lead of ScienceMind

Public Relations and Communications Officer of Biomedical Science Society

Communications Officer of Peer Assisted Learning 

From my past experience, I have been actively involved in various roles and cooperated with the committee closely and effectively. I am experienced in using Canva from both designing the ScienceMind magazine and social media posts. As such, I am confident in helping to create promotional materials for our social media. In my role as the communication officer, I have sent out weekly emails to all bioscience students informing them of PALs sessions, developing and refining my communication skills. All in all, I believe I have the skill sets necessary to excel in this role.

Thank you for reading and I would be grateful if you vote for me! Big love :3