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Candidate for the position of GKT Football (Men's) - Welfare Secretary

Joseph Udoyeh

There’s a funny joke to be written about a social sec suddenly concerning themselves with welfare, but if I was funny enough to write it then I’d probably be running for social media sec instead.


In all seriousness, in my three years at this fine club, although there has been (varying) success on the pitch, I’d say the most important thing to me is the lifelong friends I have made and the sense of community that I have felt, and I am sure many others have had a similar experience. However I think it is imperative that everyone feels at home at GKT, and I believe that by putting myself forward for Welfare Secretary I can make great strides to achieve this.


As last year’s social sec I have had the privilege of getting to know the majority of the club’s members already, and hope that nobody would hesitate to approach me if they had an issue or concern; no matter how big or small, whether on or off the pitch, I will always be there to listen and make it a priority to resolve it. Statistically and anecdotally, men are less likely to speak about their mental health and access support for this. Especially after the turbulent past few years I would love to foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable reaching out for support and help they may need, and I intend to accustom myself with the relevant resources provided by KCL and elsewhere.

With the wealth of diversity within the wider GKT community, it is also important to me that we work towards making the club as inclusive as possible, and I aim to liaise with the social secs to organise events that are accessible to all incoming freshers and current members alike.

I also believe it is essential that as a community we address important societal issues, and so I would be keen to organise events to educate and promote our own well-being, as well as the well-being of others.


Being social sec and part of the committee for a year has allowed me to familiarise myself with how the club is run and equipped me with the organisational skills to tackle the issues mentioned above. As I am intercalating next year I plan to use my (hopefully) extra time to be dedicated in this role, and it would be an honour to help anyone who is in need.


In the eyes x

Joseph Udoyeh