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Candidate for the position of KCL Lions Cheerleading - Uniform Officer

Image for Berfin Laursen

Berfin Laursen

A bit about me:

Hi everyone! My name is Berfin and I study Neuroscience and Psychology. This year I was on Duchess and have really grown to love cheer. I would relish the opportunity of being on committee and having the chance to help every member of the society feel welcome and enjoy the sport just as much as I have! 

My goals as uniform officer: 

  • To introduce some new merch like rucksacks and tracksuit sets so we can show up to comp and varsity games with us matching ;) 
  • To send out a feedback form at the start of the season to figure out what our returning lions (and freshers) want to see and also what returners liked from this season so we can create merch that people are interested in!
  • To continue to promote body positivity and inclusivity by creating merch/uniforms that each and every member of the society will love and feel amazing in :)
  • To create new uniforms for both varsity and comp teams – I believe it’s important that varsity and comp teams have their own uniforms due to the different conditions the teams cheer in. Lauryn and I would also love to add some sparkle to the uniforms!! 
    • We also understand that uniforms and merch can be quite expensive so we will ensure to work closely with the treasurer and liaise with different companies to create something that is accessible to everyone!
  • To work with varsity and pom captains to ensure that poms will be delivered in time so that both teams can have them for the whole season.
  • To change our uniform supplier – after speaking to some members of the current committee I understand that Akuma didn’t deliver on what they had promised this year and there were also issues with the quality of the material.

Why me?

  • I am well organised in my day-to-day life so I believe I’d definitely be able to handle the extra responsibility of being a uniform officer and bring these skills to the role.
  • I love being creative and embrace any opportunity to showcase what I can do!
  • I have previous competition experience from before KCL and now varsity, so I have an idea of what both teams require.
  • I am good at sending around emails, communicating important information and creating spreadsheets. 
  • I am friendly, approachable and always open to any feedback and ideas from members of the society.


Thanks for reading! Hope you vote for me and Lauryn to be your uniform officers next season!!

 Lots of lion love xxx