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Candidate for the position of Barbell Club - President

Image for Ishaq Saleem

Ishaq Saleem

My goal next year is to give you everything you need to smash your comps, whether its BUCS, Varsity or your first local meet! Next year we hope to have more members which also means more competitions than ever. I want to make sure theres nothing in your way to rep the club and smash some PR's!

Hi everyone, I’m Ishaq the current event manager/secretary of the club. I have been helping us keep on top of the massive growth we’ve seen this year going from just a few core members to the varsity dominating squad we have become. Next year as president I want us to capitalise on all the progress we have made and provide all of you with what you need to succeed whether its mogging UCL or prepping for BUCS. The following are the key things I want to help provide for the best chances of that happening:


1. Provide access to competition spec equipment year round.


This year many of you have made amazing progress both in terms of strength and drive to compete and several members of the team now have totals making them eligible to compete in BUCS. I recognise you will need consistent access to comp spec equipment to make sure you’re ready for next year and I will make sure that you get it, especially for those considering varsity/BUCS. Additionally newer members who are dipping their toes deserve the opportunity to experience the sport properly and get ready for their first comp!


2. Encourage diversity within the club.


Thanks to the work of some of the current members we have massively increased the number of women in the club. I want to provide as much support as possible to our future events organiser and the rest of the committee in encouraging more women to join the sport. Next year i especially want to help us take advantage of the 'this girl can' movement to make sure we reach the talent that's out there!


3. Pushing for funding


If we want to accomplish the things set out above, we’ll need the money to fund it. I want to work closely with the treasurer next year to push KCLSU for more funding for the club as well as look into alternate means for funding if that isn’t enough. Many of you have worked hard this year repersenting the club and with so many of us hopefully going for BUCS next year we deserve the funding to help make that happen.