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Candidate for the position of Boat Club - Men's Vice-Captain

Image for Alexandre MIRSKY KATZ


A bad technique a day keeps William away

From a personal perspective, being vice-captain means more than subbing for the men’s captain when he is unable to guide the team. It also means committing to the well-being and motivational drive of our members. Observing the current work of the vice-captain, I want to build upon his work methods as well as implement new strategies to improve the seniors/fresher-senior rowing.

During my term as vice-captain, I aim to help the captain boost the overall technique and splits of the rowers of KCLBC. For training, I will devise a plan with the captain to get everyone working out and erging often so that the squad outperforms this year’s rankings on the races. This plan consists of a reward-based programme, where the more exercise and improvements you make go to a point system. If you rank first or second place, you receive a reward. The implementation of tiers is crucial so as not to disincentivise lower-ranked members, enabling them to move up ranks. Voting for me would allow for the programme to be carried on and developed. 


As vice-captain, I will have three main goals:

  • Firstly, provide support in any way to the men’s captain as well as assist in forming the team for races or outings.
  • Secondly, I will tackle an issue that struck KCLBC for the last two years. We had rather high drop-out numbers from the first semester to the second. That heavily affected us, meaning we didn’t always have the number of people to train sometimes. I will tackle this issue by keeping up to date with the newcomers, make sure they feel welcomed. Voting for me as men’s vice-captain I will do my best to ensure we have enough active rowers. 
  • Finally, I will focus on individual techniques. Once or twice a week I will follow William on the launch and ensure to film some parts of the outing. Alongside the videos, I will aim to provide individual feedback for the crew to fine-tune the techniques. If necessary, book tank sessions for some to perfect the movements if they seem to need it.


To conclude, voting for me as men's vice-captain, not only I will support the captain in critically analysing and forming crews; but you will receive new and motivational strategies to optimise your endurance and technique. Subsequently, achieving greater rankings for next year's races.