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Candidate for the position of Boat Club - Men's Vice-Captain

Image for Charlie RICHARDS


M3 to M1, fuck knows how, but, Vote Charlie x


Why are you applying for this position?

I have taken on a leading role in the M2 boat for much of the year despite being a new member to the Men’s squad and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Having more of a say in the scheduled training is something that I would enjoy whilst taking on ideas from other squad members too. I also aim to champion the wearing of crocs throughout the club as a safe yet style-ish choice of footwear for all.


What will you bring to the role and why do you feel you are suitable?

I feel that my 6 years of rowing experience stand my in good stead for this role and mean that I have sufficient knowledge to take on responsibilities that the Men’s Captain may delegate my way. I have spent much of my year assisting with the organisation of the M2 boat before and after outings as both captains were often in M1 outings. I thoroughly enjoyed the rewarding nature that this insight into the role provided and feel that as Men’s Vice Captain, I could take on this responsibility more frequently. I am incredibly approachable so feel that rowers in my boat often feel comfortable asking me for feedback should they find themselves sat in front of me. My extensive communication and interpersonal skills mean that I am equally comfortable when delivering constructive criticism in a way appropriate for the audience. 


What do you intend to do during your year in office?

I would aim to be an encouraging Vice Captain, always ready to lend a helping hand where the squad may require it. Group spin sessions are something that I have thoroughly enjoyed organising within my own friendship group this year and I would love to extend this invitation out to the Men’s squad too. I want the Men’s squad to increase the level of commitment they approach training with and will aim to be instrumental in encouraging this. I would also like to initiate squad meals before races where the crews can bond over dinner and discuss tactics with the cox. Setting out clear aims from the start of the year with the Men’s captain with the end goal of Henley will be a priority of mine.