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Candidate for the position of Boat Club - Social Secretary

Image for Charlie RICHARDS


Part-time Rower Full-time Alcoholic



Why are you applying for this position?

Throughout my time at KCLBC, it is seldom that the social isn’t synonymous with myself. It is even rarer that one would occur in my absence, and you can bet your best pair of crocs that I’ll be there ‘till the end. Buyer of rounds, shoulder to cry on, dad dancer and boogie buddy – you’ll find them all in me. Ceyda’s Birthday; Ata’s Birthday; Felix’s too, you can’t tell me you didn’t thoroughly enjoy these occasions! Well, use these as a simple glimpse into the future of what your hazy Wednesdays could be like with me as your social secretary.


What will you bring to the role and why do you feel you are suitable?

Rumour has it that simply my name dictates suitability for the role as I’ll be continuing the KCLBC tradition of ‘Charlie the Social Secretary’. 

Wednesdays are my holy day. Socials are where I thrive and with a drink in my hand, there’s nothing I can’t achieve! I am on first name basis with plenty of the Guy’s Bar and Dover Castle staff and would strive to utilise this in the organisation of sensational socials. I am an incredibly approachable member of the club who those who know me would deem an individual capable of ensuring all feel included in socials whilst having a good time too. As a regular member of the club I have often taken on the role of encouraging a good turnout at socials and this is something that I would strive to continue throughout my time as social secretary.


What do you intend to do during your year in office?

During my year in office, I will place importance upon upholding club traditions and ensuring that the club is suitably cohesive. Cambridge, Curry night, Cocktail night and traditional formal dinners are all things I will place importance on continuing and will thrive in organising. In addition, I would like to bring in some new ideas of my own. New venues could be frequented and shown how KCLBC have a good time, The Gin Song could be given more time in the spotlight and socials with clubs outside of UH could be instigated too. Finally, I intend to thoroughly entertain KCLBC during my year in office and give them a year they either can’t forget or won’t remember.