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Candidate for the position of KCL Ophthalmology Society - President

Muhayman SADIQ

For a clear tomorrow, vote Muhayman

Whilst being involved with KCL Ophthalmology Society throughout my time at university, including being a member and the Events Team Lead, Ophthalmology has become a specialty of great interest to me. The first and foremost reason that I am applying for this role is to reflect this interest upon the members of the society, and allow me to learn more about Ophthalmology as a specialty too. Moreover, being the president of the society allow me to spread information about Ophthalmology amongst members and cultivate their interests further.

I enjoy being both a worker within a team, as well as a leader of a team, and given my experiences (National Surgical Mentorship Society Founder/President, KCL Charity Week Guy’s Campus Co-Lead, KCL Anaesthetics Society Events Officer, KCL MERJ Society Research Team) in doing both of these throughout my time at university I feel as though being president of the society is a role which I would relish. Being president of the society would also allow me to work with many people from different backgrounds, and having lived in five different countries this is something which I enjoy and do not find difficult.

Educating people on Ophthalmology as a specialty is one of my main aims in moving the society in the coming academic year, and if elected I would organise more events with Ophthalmologists worldwide to educate people on the experiences that Ophthalmologists go through in different countries, how that varies to the UK, and how students in the UK can pursue oppurtunities in Ophthalmology training abroad if that is something of interest to them. Furthermore, in addition to educating people about research oppurtunities, I would like to offer and expand the mentorship oppurtunities that the society offers. Being the president and founder of the National Surgical Mentorship Society I understand the hurdles which students face when trying to find mentoring oppurtunities, and when working when mentors, and I aim to bridge this gap to expand the mentorship scheme that the society offers. I would also like to organise more inter-society OSCE and progress-test revision sessions to help out students closer to exam times.

Being a student who has been very interested in research from the start of medical school, getting involved in different projects, I understand the challenges which medical students face when trying to get oppurtunities to do research during medical school. If elected as president, I would like to have more events dedicated to speaking about research with Ophthalmologists and how students can find oppurtunities to get involved as well. Events like this would allow students to network with Ophthalmologists as well, something which I am hoping to strengthen if elected – I understand the importance of having a strong network within medicine, and through providing oppurtunities like this it will allow members to build a network with Ophthalmologists in London.

In addition to organising events for more senior students, as president I would aim to design events catered towards younger students at the medical school, particularly because exposure to ophthalmology is quite low in the earlier years. Furthermore, I would like to work with other London ophthalmology societies to organise inter-university events/collaborations, helping students to build connections with others further.

Throughout the year I would aim to find funding sources to allow the society to host more in-person events at lower costs, as well as increase the scale of these events further. Furthermore, building long-term connections with different Ophthalmology-related businesses is something that I consider to be quite important, and if elected I would begin making these connections so that future committee members can build upon them, too. Being the president and founder of the National Surgical Mentorship Society has given me the experience in finding funding from reliable sources.