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Candidate for the position of KCL Cricket (Women's) - Social Media Secretary

Image for Deeksha AACHI

Deeksha AACHI

Numbers will never be an issue


Since joining the KCL Women's Cricket Club, except for the committee, at training sessions, I have noticed the number of members fluctuating throughout the year, and I feel I will be able to resolve this. By joining the committee as social media secretary, I will try my best to recruit individuals throughout the year by regularly updating the social media pages. Therefore, as social media secretary, I will ensure the club thrives digitally. 

Why I am suitable for this position is because I am a creative and organised individual, which are essential traits for publicising and raising awareness. Moreover, I also have garnered some experience in recruiting and publicity. For example, I was a part of the Neuroscience society at school, which had very few members. As a result, I proactively updated the Facebook page we had and kept people informed about events. Furthermore, in a talk by an NGO I held, I created flyers/posters for the event so that people were aware and persuaded them to attend. Hence, people are aware of this society. Finally, as I am a friendly person, at events such as the freshers fair, I will constantly be chatting with interested members and will create flyers for them to take so they learn about the society. In short, as social media secretary of KCL Women's Cricket, I can ensure that the society is active digitally so that people are and remain interested and aware and that numbers will be high at all times.