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Candidate for the position of Health Humanities Society - Publicity Officer

Michelle DE BRUIN

Hello, my name is Michelle de Bruin and I am applying for the role of Publicity Officer for the next academic year (2022/23; MBBS year 4). I am passionate about the intersection between health and humanities as it allows for a richer, more comprehensive exploration of medicine and its intricacies. Moreover, humanities allow for the sharing of different narratives or perspectives of those involved with the field (e.g. patient, doctor, community member), highlighting how the experience of health, a universal human right, can vary with time, place, person, culture and identity.

I propose that the society will publish weekly social media posts of examples where medicine and humanities intersect. Examples will vary in medium (i.e. poetry, literature, history, geography, fine arts, sculpture, film, music, graphic design, etc.) and this exploration will be historically, culturally and ethnically diverse. The society social media will also signpost to where examples can be viewed in-person if appropriate. A series of posts, in liaison with other societies, will also be made to highlight the role of humanities in medicine across different specialties.

Society events (e.g. gallery visits) will also be digitised. This may include posting photographs/recording of relevant artwork with a written description (via Instagram stories) to allow members who were unable to attend in-person events to also experience or reflect on any artwork. The society social media will also be used to create a forum for discussion where society members can share their favourite examples of “Health Humanities” or any recommendations they may have for other community members. In addition, polls will be conducted regularly (via Instagram stories) to allow community members to direct digital content and voice what society events are most desired. Moreover, the society social media will act as an information provider by signposting members to exhibitions, performances and other opportunities for in-person exploration of “Health Humanities”.

I have experience and am comfortable in using ADOBE Photoshop, ADOBE Lightroom, GIMP, Luminar and Final Cut Pro. Through the use of these programmes, I aim to adopt a multi-media approach, including graphics and video, to publicise society events and opportunities.