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Candidate for the position of Clinical Specialities Society - Medical Events Officers

Image for Pathusha Pushpakanthan

Pathusha Pushpakanthan

Wanna know what specialty you like? so do I .... Vote for Pathusha

Hi Everyone, I’m Pathusha and I'm a third year medical student running for Medical Events Officer for Clinical Specialties Society.  

As my slogan reads, I haven’t decided what specialty I would like to go into. Each week of placement I change my mind and I feel as students, we do not get enough time to fully gauge what each specialty is like realistically.  

To hear more about each specialty in a non-biased way, by clinicians on the realities of their specialty, the different subspecialities, the stages of that career path, and whether they achieve a work life balance within that specialty, are all important factors to know about.  I know I would love to be involved not only in organising these speakers to deliver these talks, especially in specialties that are underrepresented at KCL, but also hear from them myself.  

I have experience contacting clinicians to be speakers for events we ran in Doctors Do Mind. I found that many clinicians are willing to talk about their own experiences within their careers, so they can provide us with a realistic image of their specialty. You can trust that I will ensure we get clinicians who are willing to be fully candid about what their specialty is really like, so you and I can make an informed decision!!!  

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