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Candidate for the position of KCL Diplomacy Society - President


Connect, inspire, unite.

Paris, 20 April 2022


Dear Member of King’s Diplomacy Society, 


    My name is Adrien Daniere, I am 21, a first year Political Economy student, and I am standing as President of KCL Diplomacy society. I believe I can bring so much to this society, from my personal experience of diplomacy and leadership, and also from the projects I have for it. 


    What I value most in diplomacy is multilateralism. It is all about humans representing the interests of their country. Therefore it is about political and economic issues, but also, and perhaps most crucially, about interpersonal skills, language mastering, and strategic interactions. Both your expertise in the issues you are facing and your ability to create a meaningful relationship with your allies will allow you to be successful in what you are defending. But what is a diplomat defending really ? Ideally, peace. And along with peace, pluralism of cultures, of religions, of nationalities, in brief, human diversity. 

    Such a mission, and the values it upholds, is what matters most for me. And I think that every leader, in the larger sense, has to live by them. Respect, connect, inspire, and unite: these are the values I find key, and what I want this society to uphold and thrive on. 


    Diplomacy bears several fundamental features that resonate with my personal experiences, and that have consequently really cemented my passion for this field. 

    First, diplomacy is about the multidisciplinary nature of issues faced. After having spent most of my childhood near Lyon in France, I lived in Shanghai for 3 years, then in Paris for 4 years of which 2 years of Literary Preparatory Classes at the lycée Henri IV. Such higher studies involve intense study of humanities for a national competitive exam, with great emphasis on Geography, History, Spanish, English as well as Philosophy and Modern Literature. My curriculum is diverse, and always about hard work and reflection: I passed a scientific baccalaureate with honours, went for intense literary studies, and am now undertaking Politics and Economics studies. What I gained from those years is determination, rigour, organization, as well as solid general knowledge.

    But more importantly, diplomacy and leadership are all about curiosity for others, and being a good communicator. This is why I think my experiences have really shaped my interest for diplomacy. I have studied Spanish language and literature, and am still following Mandarin courses after my expatriation in Shanghai, for I love how learning a new language helps understand so much more about the culture, and most importantly about the people ! I have also held leading positions in several committees in my high school, have undertaken theater classes for many years, participated in the French National Competition of Philosophy, and gained an internship at LVMH headquarters in Shanghai. These experiences, my educational background, and my passion for travels and especially for Asia, have taught me that diversity leads to adaptability, and to efficient leadership. 


    As President, I strongly believe that my background will allow me to bring a new vision to the society. I aim at being a key actor in relationships with sponsors, institutions, and in the overall organization of the society. Along with promoting diplomacy as a work-field and as a mindset, I aim at promoting inclusivity, diversity and openness, by carrying on creating events and promoting partnerships to gather students from KCL and other universities so as to allow a productive sharing of knowledge. Talks, socials, embassy and consulate visits, hosting of diplomats, as well as the famous diplomacy ball, will of course remain the backbone of the society. Most importantly, I want everyone to be consulted and heard regarding new ideas and projects: I want to further nourish a spirit of coordination and innovation inside the society. 

    But my task will also reside in day-to-day action. I will be present for anyone having questions about their position and their duties: I will always be receptive, available and listening. I also aim at being a key voice in committee meetings and exercise acute overseeing of activities. But most importantly, bring ideas to the table, make projects happen, help create a cohesive, determined and passionate committee to carry on in the wake of the incredible work of previous presidents. Respect, emulation, unity and passion are the key values I want this society to keep upholding. 


    When arriving at King’s last September, and browsing through the infinite number of societies our university hosts, I was immediately drawn to the Diplomacy Society because it had for me the right balance between fascinating opportunities for its members to gain knowledge and connections in the diplomatic field, and inspiring events where members can connect, share their views, spread their passion. By standing as President of the Diplomacy Society, I aim at contributing to the protection of this spirit, and to its evolution. 


If you now believe I am a good fit for your society: vote for me !


                                        Adrien Daniere