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Candidate for the position of KCL Athletics and Cross Country - Sprints and Hurdles Captain

Image for David NANA

David NANA

Roses are red, violets are blue, vote David for Sprints Captain, and I won’t make you run in the 4x400 relay (just kidding btw… unless;))

"If in doubt, just do leg swings" is officially my favourite quote ever since I first started sprinting this year. 

6 months down the line, I look back and am so grateful of the decision I made to start sprinting. From LUCA and Varsity to pizza nights and beer miles, being part of this society has made my year. And now I want to make sure that every person who steps onto the Southwark Park Athletics Track has the same experience as I've had.

As someone who only started athletics this year, I know how intimidating those first track sessions can be for newbies. Equally, as someone who trains 3+ times per week I understand how important the performance aspect can be as well. And so I hope to make sprinting as open as possible to people of all abilities from those who intend on training and competing frequently to those who simply want to train adhoc and use sprinting as a way to stay in shape. 

I have immersed myself fully into athletics which has allowed me to gel with the coaches and make friends throughout the society which I hope would allow me to work well alongside fellow committe members. But what I would highlight as my biggest strength is my reliability. I am yet to miss a training session this year and I hope to continue such a high level of attendance throughout the coming year too. This would come in handy for someone who intends on taking the role of Sprints Captain who must not only select teams for competitions but also be a friendly face and encourage people to keep coming back to training. 

I am still a rookie, and I still do have so much more to learn. But I have already learnt so much this year, and I hope to be able to apply it all as Sprints Captain next year.

If you've reached the end, thanks so much for reading it all, and I hope you consider me as a potential candidate for Sprints Captain next year!

P.S. If you're ever training and run out of drills to do, remember "if in doubt, just do leg swings";)