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Candidate for the position of KCL Ophthalmology Society - Events Officer

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Samiul AHMED

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Becoming a part of Ophthalmology Society as Events Officer will be a great advantage in my career path towards one of the key specialties that I would like to pursue. Organising and allowing these events to run smoothly will be a key priority but furthermore, there will be a guarantee that these such events will be to the highest quality and of the best benefit to all students and participants that would like to attend. Being involved with the Ophthalmology clinic at KCH during my time on placement has allowed me to broaden my horizons to understand this specialty to a greater depth, and I believe this will be pivotal in helping make sure that events will be up to that standard that I have seen in placement and around the hospital as a student.


Through this role, I want to ensure that there are constantly a source of events and allowing there to be a regular discussion and engagement from keen participants. Through this, there would be the education of people taking an interest in Ophthalmology, but in addition to this, there will also be the raising of awareness of Ophthalmology as a profession and as such an important specialty. And it would also allow the audience and reach of the society to reach newer spectators and attendees. By doing this, we can bring about an education and insight into understanding disabling conditions that countless people suffer from – and in educating a wider audience, we would allow greater recognition surrounding them.


My previous involvement with societies has allowed me to have established well-earned experiences that will allow for a smooth running operation alongside the Events Team Lead and the rest of my colleagues in this society. As Vice-President of The Orange Society (formerly Team Orange), I had to be heavily involved in running major events that had a massive turnout – to ensure that these events worked well and students were able to enjoy whilst achieve the best benefit from these, we had to make sure that there was good communication and delegation amongst the society members. Having a high position in the society meant that these skills was even more essential, as it would be required to oversee a large part of the events being held and delegating sub teams to be able to carry forward the plans that we had put together. On top of this, I was charity officer for Bangladesh Society, which also involved creating events to raise money for charitable causes and gathering students awareness of the less fortunate abroad with major charity organisations such as Maa.