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Candidate for the position of KCL Lions Cheerleading - Communications and Publicity Officer

Zahia Rahman

Hi! My name is Zahia and I’m currently a first year Neuroscience & Psychology student and a member of Duchess aka the varsity team.

This year was the first time I’ve ever tried cheerleading and I enjoyed it more than I ever I thought I would, so, I would love to take on the role of communications and publicity officer so I can share the joy of cheerleading with everyone else! I have made such amazing friends and memories this past year through this society which I think is so important to showcase. I would love to celebrate all your best moments and talents through our social media pages.

I believe social media is a crucial part of the society as it is a way to show potential new members what KCL Lions can offer them and what they can expect from joining our society. It is also essential for engaging with the other members of the team. As someone who was new to cheerleading this year, I found that the social media pages were a great way to understand what cheerleading was actually about. My goal for next year is to continue the amazing branding of our society and show others what cheerleading involves and provide enough information for both existing, and new members.


For the 2022/2023 year I plan on:

  • Making update posts on Instagram which show our progress and improvements throughout the year e.g., highlighting new stunts and skills that we’ve learnt.
  • Making TikToks of our trainings and socials etc. which will further promote our society and show others what is involved in being a Lion.
  • Making compilations of trainings, competitions, and varsity matches and upload them to Instagram Reels so others can see what being a cheerleader is like.
  • Constantly updating our Linktree, Instagram and Facebook pages so that everyone is updated on the latest information.
  • Collecting videos and photographs throughout the year from everyone in the society and edit it to a high quality in order to create a great promotion video for next year’s Fresher’s Fair.
  • Continue posting Lion of the Month for every team as I think it’s a great way to encourage members to continue putting in their best efforts and showcase their achievements.


Why should you vote for me?

  • I have previous experience running a social media page for my sixth form Young Enterprise team where we won the best digital presence in South London. From this, I’ve gained so much knowledge on how to run a good social media page and what is important for good publicity and branding. I will make sure that our society has a good name to it and shows an accurate representation of the life of a Lion.
  • I know the importance of good communication with the rest of the team is crucial for running social media pages. I will make sure that every post is confirmed with the President and the rest of the committee so that information is up to date, and everyone is happy.
  • I adore graphic design and video editing. It’s always been a hobby of mine and I’ve got experience using different programs. I’ll guarantee to create a quality promotion video at the end of the season, as well as ensure that the KCL Lion’s Instagram page keeps up its amazing aesthetic so that our page is pleasing and interesting to look at and will attract others to our incredible society.


Thank you so much for reading my manifesto and I hope that you will consider me as your next communications and publicity officer!