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Candidate for the position of India Society - Event Officer

Sahil Bhawani

The India Society, as KCL’s biggest cultural society, has given many chances for its members to engage and network through its extensive calendar of activities. Joining the India society would not only allow me to appreciate my own culture while living in a distant country, but it would also allow me to pass on this sense of fulfillment to other members of the society. I'd regularly interact with students, allowing me to foster social bonds and a feeling of community among society members. Being a part of the society will allow me to collaborate with like-minded students and participate in a diverse range of activities. I have happily participated in the bulk of the society's activities, and getting chosen as a committee member would allow me to help plan and execute these events so that other students may also enjoy them the following year. I've always admired Indian culture, and becoming a member of the India Society's committee would provide me with the ideal chance to appreciate Indian culture in a new place while not only educating students from the same culture but also educating students from other countries and cultures on how to enjoy these new experiences.


As the school's Cultural Head, I was able to gather a wide range of expertise and information. It aided in the development of my social and managerial skills. It has also given me organizational abilities, allowing me to be more self-assured and reliant on the tasks I am assigned. I am quite a hardworking and conscientious person, which are some of the necessary characteristics to be a member of a society of the size and character of the India society. I'd want to bring a lot of fresh ideas to the table and suggest new approaches to advance society. I work well in groups and would want to put these ideas into action for the improvement of society and to give members with an extensive and comprehensive experience.


I am a very approachable person, which allows me to speak with the committee as well as society members about their ideas and opinions. I'd want to collaborate with the events team to bring in more interesting and engaging events that will help the organization progress. Organizing and implementing events in partnership with other cultural groups would be an excellent opportunity to engage in and enjoy the best of both cultures. This will benefit society not only among students of the same cultural background but also among individuals of various cultures. Other activities, such as a games night or a movie night, might be implemented to help society members form and deepen bonds.


Being elected to the committee would allow me to offer my all for the society and its members, allowing everyone, including myself, to have a good time in the society.