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Candidate for the position of KCL Diplomacy Society - head of Events

Image for Aimann Naveed

Aimann Naveed

No more canapés at any balls ;)

KCL Diplomacy Society

Manifesto for Head of Events: 


Hey guys, My name is Aimann Naveed and after finally getting to come to campus this year and seeing the KCL Diplomacy society in action I have decided to run for Head of Events. By seeing the Events that the Diplomacy society has worked hard to organize this year from the Hungarian Ambassador coming to campus to the Diplomacy Ball that. I would just love the opportunity to help the KCL Diplomacy Society continue its success from this past year to the next and make sure it reaches more people throughout Kings. 

KCL Diplomacy Society’s goal has been to connect students interested in foreign policy and affairs with people working in the field of diplomacy, and I think that’s exactly why I want to be a part of the society. As a Pakistani who had to suddenly move away from everything she knew as a child to the Middle East at the age of 12,  I love the idea of connecting students with people of different walks of life who’ve built successful careers even if life hadn’t always been on their side.  

If elected I will make sure to continue organizing events with different diplomats, making sure that students are constantly exposed to new ideas and new perspectives on running global affairs. But I will also continue to make sure that students also understand what being a diplomat is. And through the events organized in the society I shall also do my very best in giving students an idea of what the field of foreign affairs really is like by organizing many Q&A sessions and talks. 

On a more formal note I shall make sure that next year’s diplomacy ball does not have Canape style of serving food but rather see if a 3 course meal can be arranged. 

Aside from all this and to maintain a bit of fun, I would love to organize bar socials, and casual debates between students. Whether it is by collaborating with other societies in a more casual setting, I would like to give students an opportunity to do something easy going whilst giving them the chance to expand their social networks or even at times have smaller events so students have a better chance to know their peers at Kings. 

Now why me? I have had experience working a leadership role in highschool as in my Senior Year of high school I ran the whole school’s Events Committee. And my school was an International highschool that had 63 nationalities within a 1,000 students. So I would argue that I have the experience and the understanding of what it truly means to have such an important role. I can be depended on to work well under pressure and to work well with people in a team setting no matter what the differences between us may be. 

Finally I know this won’t by any means be easy but I am ready for the challenge, and so if given the chance I will ensure to the best of my ability to ensure that the success from this year carries on to the next.  And I promise everyone that next year I will try my best to make sure no canapes are served in any ball settings. 


Thank you!

Aimann :))