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Candidate for the position of Dance Society - Competitions Officer

Image for Arshad MOZUMDER


Who needs a degree when you have Dancesoc?

Hey, I’m Arshad and I would love to be your Dancesoc Competition Officer next year!

Despite the huge amount of successes we had this past year despite the secondary impacts of the Pandemic, I still feel like there was much more we could have done with Dancesoc and for our members, especially when it came to Fusion and the competition side of our society. This is one of the reasons why I wish to run for this role, to ensure that people are able to truly get the full Fusion experience and so that people are able to better bond next year,

I was privileged enough to be accepted into the wider dance community at KCL, and through this I was able to meet many different people who all shared the common passion of dance and performance. It was incredible, and this community is something I want to not only give back to, but also share with others. One way to do this, is through better managing Fusion and ensuring that things run smoothly so that there is more time for people to enjoy the important things – dancing with friends and creating a dance family so that everyone feels supported by each other, feels strengthened and bold enough to challenge themselves further and help each other grow! It would also be fun to win a lot more trophies xD

I still view myself as a beginner when it comes to dance, as I only started dance a few years ago when I started at university and so I only just discovered how passionate I was about dance. I want to help others discover their passion and love for dance, just like I did. I want to help people explore themselves in new ways, build their self-confidence, wellbeing and more. As a committee member, I can do this because I’ll be the first point of contact for new members. I’ll ensure people feel welcome and supported from the beginning. I don’t look like your typical dancer and so I know how it feels to be discouraged from joining or feeling unaccepted. I’ll always strive to be that warm welcoming face for Dancesoc so no one will ever feel that way with us.

I am a welcoming person and someone who can develop strong relations quickly and communicate effectively. I have a way with words which can be seen from my part in creating our Fusion chant, through this manifesto hopefully, from my time being Co-President for Dancesoc and through my work with NGOs/Foundations to promote children’s rights and wellbeing globally. I’ve worked with organisations like UNICEF, trained and worked with young people to speak at the UN/EU. I’m very capable of communicating with people from various backgrounds and ages. This will help when organising different Fusion and collaborating with other societies or universities.

I’m adaptive and am a quick thinker. As KCL Korean Hallyu Society’s head dance captain and Dance Societies Co-President this year, I had to adapt and provide as many alternative dance experiences as possible for our members in light of the effects of Covid or other obstacles. I helped bring back the Christmas Show, Strictly Come Dance Soc, helped salvage the Fusion experience this year after Covid caused issues in early July, and ultimately helped arrange incredible and unforgettable end of year shows for both societies – all spaces where different people were given the opportunity to challenge themselves and excel when it came to dance.

Furthermore, this year in Hallyu society, we arranged (for the first time ever) a UK National Inter-Uni Kpop Dance Competition where competitors from 18 different Unis took part. We had people flying in from Northern Ireland and Scotland, just to compete at our competition. The competition was held at Greenwood Theatre and was extremely successful, so much so that the members of these unis are messaging me directly and asking us to host another one. With my previous experience of hosting a competition on home ground, I can confidently say that I will be able to organise an even better Fusion competition for us. Just Dance It 2022 had to be cancelled unfortunately due to Covid issues but seeing how the world is starting to learn to live with Covid, I am confident that Just Dance It 2023 will take place, and I am even more confident that I will be able to not only do the competition justice, but arrange things so that everyone, including our own society members, have the best and most rewarding experience.

I’ve mentioned some of my skills and experiences already, and I hope that I have been able to demonstrate somewhat why I am the best person to take on this role next year. I am extremely committed and very responsive, and I will always go (and have always gone) above and beyond for this society.

If I am privileged enough to get this role, I will strive to work alongside my fellow competition officer and other committee members to deliver the best experience for everyone next year. I am a team player, am welcoming, am adaptable and can make difficult decisions quickly when needed. I hope my previous experiences prove to you that I am someone who is very organised and very committed and passionate to this society. I want to do what I can to ensure that people get the best experience possible they can through engaging with our society whilst maintaining their wellbeing, and I want to support my committee peers too for all of the above.

To ensure I don’t keep going on and on, I will stop here for now.

But all in all, due to my experiences and my skills, I am positive that together with the committee, we will be a strong team who will together help steer Fusion and Dancesoc as a whole to being even bigger and better than ever before! I feel like I will be perfect for this role, and should I have the privilege of getting this role, I promise to put my all into ensuring that people get the best Fusion and Dancesoc experience ever!

Thank you for taking the time to read and take care,