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Candidate for the position of Boat Club - Men's Freshers Captain

Ata Senpolat

-Make Potter great again.. -Happy captain, happy freshers

I listed some changes I am planning to do as a fresher mens captain on the club and the way I live. Hope you will love the touching journey of me and the fresher men's team for next year. 


Mandatory tasks I will do as freshers captain:

For this role I will generate brand-new 2 personalities which will never mixed together:

  • UCL CHESS’ captain
    • Introduce them to social life of kclbc
    • Explain terms and conditions of ginning by showing them. Give them a chance to shadow me and learn.
  • KCLBC fresher men's captain.
    • Will be rowing focused.
    • Team player

Furthermore, I will change my physical appearance to fit this role and interact more men to our club. this deal includes:

                   - Learning Dutch to grow 6 inches over summer.

                   - Losing a minimum of 10 kg over summer to attract more people by showing how rowing can lead to healthy life.

Finding a brand-new Potter with a different character name who will be low maintenance. For this role:

  • Character options will be discussed with senior men’s captain
  •  Chosen characters must fill 3 primary criteria.
    • Does the candidate look like that character?
    • Will kclbc be banned from places because of using that name?
    • Survey will be done and at least 92% of the kclbc seniors should know that character/reference. 

Attendance for the new potter should be more than 80% for training and 85% for the socials. This will be discussed with the new Potter and ask him to sign a deal. Deal includes:    

                   - If Potter cannot match the minimum attendance requirements, he should be ginned.

                    - If Potter misses a training, he shall be binned.

                    - If Potter will match requirements, he will be blessed.


-Filling old Fresher captain’s place and in memory of our formal captain, I will also:

                        - Improve facial expressions.

                        - Listen more heavy metal music.

                        - Have good relations with fresher wam.

                        - Will not take my KCLBC kits off at all costs, unless we have a dresscode for kclbc social. 


Further moves as a freshers captain will include:

            - Be their drinking “sensei” and show them how they can lower their times for both downing a pint for a boat race event at Guys Bar and beating uclbc freshers on a DC Challenge. 

            -At the end of the year, one of the best students for drinking will challenge a returning Charlie Bay - both downing pints and DC Challenges - at a one-year only impromptu fresher ginning social.

            - We will have at least one gym session, one on the water session and one DC/GB session excluding race weeks. Will increase the turn up of freshers for “Sports Night “ as well as other important training sessions. 

            - Will motivate new freshers to work hard for better rowing and take their

vir-GIN-ity by ginning them on the first social.

            - Since KCLBC is one of the oldest societies in King’s College London, we already have great traditions. Will give all freshers a chance to experience all club cohesion and initiations. 


Cooperation with other committee members:

  • This cooperation includes at least 2 main organisations.
    • Freshers only night
    • Setting gym sessions and required moves

            -For freshers night:

                        - This concept is called a freshers only event. It is for breaking ice between fresher men and fresher women. This will be organised with fresher men’s vice-captain, fresher women captain, fresher women vice-captain and social secretaries. I take part in the organising freshers only event for this year and willing to make it a tradition in the club.


            -For setting gym sessions:

                        - Will speak with big Harv and beg for mercy. Since he is the unofficial gym sponsor of kclbc and represents our club every week in various gyms/ various times, it would be a great match. Some say he goes to the gym 9 times a week including bank holidays. I was one of the freshers who never experienced the gym and always acted cautious about it. I asked him to join his gym sessions and learned/still learning much. It would be beneficial for other new freshers joining our family to have that chance.



Your future captains Ata and Yuvi x