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Candidate for the position of KCL Athletics and Cross Country - Distance Captain

Image for Jona GABRIELSSON


My name is Jona, I am a second year History and Political Economy Student. I started running when I was 15 and have mostly enjoyed long runs and anything above 3 kilometers, but I also enjoy shorter track events like the 800 meters. For me distance running is a social sport and I have always enjoyed training and competing as part of a team. My goal is therefore to create an inclusive distance running team that is open to anybody who wants to get into distance running. Distance running can be a little intimidating but I would like to build a team that helps anybody regardless of the skill or competitive level to achieve their running goals.


If elected I would like to:

-Create a team that embraces the competitive side of distance running, but also the social side


-Work even closer with the coaches to create training sessions that work for anybody


-Work together with other teams in order to accommodate athletes from interdisciplinary sports such as triathlon 


-Create a social team with social events and increase cooperation with the social running team to expand the possibilities for running as a team