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Candidate for the position of Dermatology Society - Treasurer


Vote Sami for Dermatology Society Treasurer!

I am thoroughly interested in taking on the role of treasurer on KCL dermatology society.

I believe I have the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully fulfil my role as treasurer, due to my previous experience being treasurer for KCL genetics society. Therefore, I have good knowledge on the different funding opportunities within KCLSU, such as the development fund, but also funding opportunities externally as well. This will allow me to secure funds to be able to aid the organisation of great events for dermatology society members. To aid in organising larger events, attracting larger audiences, I propose partnering with national organisations such as the British dermatology society and the British society for dermatological surgery. Having previously secured sponsorship from the royal college of surgeons, I believe that I have the experience and communication skills necessary to form partnerships with such national organisations.

Previously, I have been the president of oncology society at King’s. Through this role, I developed and lead the organisation of the national undergraduate oncology conference, which had an astounding turnout of 100 attendees. I developed the initiative through being proactive and reaching out to form communication networks with oncology societies of other universities. This allowed me to develop strong communication and networking skills. Leading the conference committee of 18 people was a very educational experience for me, allowing me to learn how to lead large groups of people and how to work well under pressure. My role included operational planning of the event (including organising catering and event space bookings) as well as marketing and communication of the conference. Thus, I was able to develop strong organisation and time management skills. These skills will aid me to fulfil my role as treasurer on dermatology society, but also to assist other committee members as well, in order to organise successful events and schemes for our members.

Thank you for your consideration.