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Candidate for the position of KCL Ophthalmology Society - Academic Team Lead

Image for Anisa Khalique Uddin

Anisa Khalique Uddin

I am excited to join the KCL Ophthalmology Society committee and be a part of trying to bring the best opportunities to our student body. If elected for this position, I will prioritise a collaborative approach to learning to encourage a positive student experience.

My determination to pursue this position as Academic Team Leader stems from a strong belief that it is students who should hold a central voice in their education. I aim to make learning beyond the scope of the curriculum more accessible to students through wider educational opportunities. A model that is driven by feedback from our student body is imperative in creating academic events that meet the needs of this society's members. I will ensure tasks are carried out to a high standard at an efficient level, seeking out room for improvement based on your feedback and suggestions.

Ophthalmology is a fascinating aspect of our curriculum, one that I firmly believe should be explored further in much depth. Novel treatments and diagnostic tools, exploring the surgical and physiological aspects of ophthalmology, and discovery of new technological advancements in this ever-growing field of Medicine entails just some of the discourse I aim to bring our society in this position.

In my role as an Academic Mentor to a Sixth Form that is local to me, I have organised and led multiple events surrounding STEM. I lead a team of five other students in various higher educational fields to put together relevant and beneficial events for the Sixth Form students.  My mentees share with me their topics of interest – many of which were medical in nature – and I have successfully introduced them to higher educational opportunities for the last two years now. Furthermore, as a Widening Participation Officer for the University, I have developed a variety of skills that support organising and leading academic events across a range of levels. I am eager to further hone these skills to provide the best opportunities for our shared academic growth if you elect me to fill this position.