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Candidate for the position of Anime & Manga Society - Events Coordinator

Image for Aaron MONTE


watch s3 kaguya!

Hi! I’m Aaron, the anisoc events coordinator for the year of 2021-2022. I am rerunning again this year! Mainly because there is no one dumb enough to want to replace me–


2021-2022 has been an amazing year for anisoc, and I’m glad to be a part of it. It’s always rewarding to know that I’ve contributed to something greater than the sum of its parts. Coming out of the pandemic, I’m sure a lot of us didn’t know what to expect from societies, but I think we hit the ball out of the park this year.


I don’t have much to say regarding how to convince you that I am capable of this role, since my actions speak for themselves. I’ve acted as tech support for the majority of the year – I’ve helped sort out the icebreaker quiz in the beginning of the year, I’ve provided the anime we stream every Monday, I’ve sorted out the karaoke nights we had on campus. I’ve sorta become the tech person for the society.


With that said, I feel like this year has been a pilot year for me. Before coming into anisoc as events coord, I've only had prior experience working in online events. Now that I’ve ran events for two other societies alongside anisoc, I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing. But I have a general idea of what to do now.


My goals for next year are pretty simple. Do everything, but gooder. I’ve learnt a lot from this year, and I want my experience to bleed into next year. For example:


  • Always make sure that I have selected the Japanese dub and turned on the subtitles. 

  • Never book that underground room that the KCL tech team promised to fix for the next karaoke but never did

  • Never use ahaslides. We don’t talk about ahaslides

  • Don’t run blindly into a cosplayer wearing sharp as hell horns


With this in mind, and with the help of the committee of 2022-2023, I hope I can turn next year’s anisoc into an even more unforgettable experience!


1. Are there any parts of the main events (screenings, maid cafe, manga/movie) that you wish to improve upon and how so?


Well I hope I made it clear in my goals this year how I’d like to improve upon this year. But also I’d like to partake in cosplaying a lot more! There have been quite a handful of cosplayers to our events and for that I’ve grateful, since I know how much effort goes into cosplay (thanks Bisque Doll!)


 2. Are there any new event ideas you would like to run? 


This year’s already been jam packed with events. Two events per week is crazy good if you ask me. But regarding new events, this will be a longshot but I’d love to have a live music event, playing anime songs with a real band. I’m a music person myself and I saw on the LAU that Imperial have their own band. This will be a dream project, but I will know that I have peaked if I make this come to fruition. Actually no, scratch that, not if, when.


3. As events coordinator you have to be prepared to deal with unexpected happenings, such as a maid cafe with no boba XD, are you confident you can think on your feet and organise solutions in these situations?


Yes. I know who to message at 1am in the morning of the day of the event to make sure that the event goes swimmingly. (Thanks Max and Kenneth!)


Thanks for listening! Vote for me, and good luck to the rest of the candidates!