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Candidate for the position of Book Club: A Thousand Splendid Crumbs - Social Secretary

Gayatri Ghosh

Hi! I’m Gayatri (she/her), a first-year Politics student.

I’m applying for the Social Secretary role. The requirements include: “keeping the social media accounts lively and fun, able to write short bookish posts, and respond to messages in a timely manner.”

I think I’m great for the role for a few reasons.

  • First, I’m an avid reader—a pre-requisite.
  • I’m also pretty social-media savvy. I have a burner booktwt (aka I’m the real deal) and used Facebook obsessively as a 6th grader. And when I’m not reading, you’ll find me on Instagram. Clearly, I’m as qualified as can be to run our twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. 
  • Time management is my jam. Nothing makes me happier than a well-ordered list.
  • I’m fun and generally very approachable. I’ll be on top of those DMs like it’s nobody else’s business and I’ll have humor to boot.
  • I’m a concise and effective writer as evidenced by my experience (down below).
  • With a sneaky meme folder, you guys best believe I’ll keep the social media accounts lively.
  • Also, I’m a Waterloo campus girl. Maybe pity will make you vote for me?

What I want to bring to the role:

  • More engagement with the social media accounts apart from just the WhatsApp group.
  • I’d love to see more book hauls, monthly recommendations, and “read-along-with-me’s” on our IG account.
  • Reading takeovers!
  • Short and brief book reviews for our monthly reads on the socials for people who couldn’t attend.

Prior Experience:

  • International Relations editor and contributor for the Politics Society’s journal, The Dialogue.
  • EIC for my school’s online newspaper, The Beacon.
  • Freelance journalist with articles in the Times of India.
  • Once again, I have a booktwt account. If I can survive those trenches, I can survive anything. Except maybe booktok.  
  • I read. My favorite genres include YA thrillers and fantasy, historical fiction, literary fiction, and magical realism. I’m not averse to an occasional PJO reread either.

I love interacting with people, as well as reading, and I can think of no better way to do both than to be the club’s Social Secretary!