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Candidate for the position of KCL Ophthalmology Society - Conference Directors

Image for Caroline Jarman

Caroline Jarman

An ophthalmology enthusiast hoping to put on a varied and interactive Ophthalmology Conference with opportunities for poster presentations and prizes!

I would love to be a Conference Director for the Ophthalmology Society for next year, my final year. I am very passionate about ophthalmology and I am looking to get involved with the society as I took part in the Ophthalmology Society Mentorship Scheme 2 years ago which was instrumental in me discovering my passion for the speciality!

It would be great to be part of the committee and become more involved with promoting ophthalmology and educating other students about the specialty as I feel it is very underrepresented in our curriculum and an area less well understood by many students as a result. Additionally, I will be commencing an ophthalmology research project over the summer under the guidance of a professor at KCH and I plan to sit the Duke Elder Exam next March so I will be attending all the ophthalmology revision sessions!

I feel I would be suited to the role of Conference Director as this year I have been Events Lead for the Rheumatology Society where I helped organise and run the first ever National UK Student Rheumatology Conference. This had to be done completely from scratch as the society was very new and so I helped coordinate the organisation of the conference with Rheumatology Societies from four other universities, organise speakers, secure funding, select a charity, organise the ticket purchase process and decide how to host the day. These experiences will be invaluable should I be elected to be a Conference Director for Ophthalmology Society. I feel the opportunity for conference attendees to submit and present posters and potentially win prizes is important in conferences and something that I would like to make happen in the next conference! Additionally, in my role as Year 4 Student Representative, I have honed my communication and organisation skills further. These skills enabled me to represent a large cohort of the year group who had been affected by unfair marking of QIP projects and discussions I had with senior faculty resulted in the medical school overturning original marks and remarking projects to achieve fairer results for the students affected. My communication skills and the experience I have had organising a conference will help me put on a great conference for Ophthalmology Society and will hopefully benefit the society greatly as a result!