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Candidate for the position of KCL Lions Cheerleading - Uniform Officer

Image for Lauryn HOLMES


For my slogan, I thought I would put forward some of my goals for Uniform Officer. U - Universal N - Non - Discriminatory I - Inclusive F - Fashionable O - Optimistic R - Re - Creation of Uniform M - Merch Makeover. I will also be running alongside Berfin, we have similar ideas and goals for how we want KCL lions to look. Vote Berfyn (Berfin and Lauryn).

As Uniform Officer, I would hope to introduce a new Comp Team and Varsity Uniform. I want to be inclusive so I would love KCL lions opinion on what would make them most comfortable. I would hope to send out a form for members to have a say in how they want the uniform to represent them, as u can't cheer if your not cheerful about how you look and feel. I would like to use colours and necklines that complement all complexions and flatter all body types as KCL lions is an all - embracing society and we want to show that through our uniform and merch. I would source better quality materials so the varisity girls are kept warm and all teams feel good. I would work closely with the well - being officer to promote body positivity by helping organise  talks and events on ways to promote body positivity/ help you love your own skin. For example, mirrorless mondays where members would cover their mirrors and allow a day to focus more on what they feel like rather than how they look. Another example would be a pass it forward campaign, where each KCL lions member would have a card to pass around campus or out in central london with a compliment or kind saying on one side and to pass it on on the other. Cheer is a positive community open to all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and we want to not only promote positivity within our society but in our everyday lives as we're still ambassadors for KCL lions when we're not at cheer. When you make others feel good it also makes you feel good. Finally, I would love to create a makeup and hair look that makes everyone feel great in themselves. A lot of people don't wear makeup or haven't used it before. Therefore, might not feel comfortable doing it. I think having a few designated hair and makeup members might make it easier for those people to feel included as it can be nerve wracking to ask people for help. This would benefit KCL lions by making us feel confident and look united. I've always had a zeal for fashion design and if you've met me you know how positive I always am. I really think I have the dedication and drive to provide KCL lions with a brand that makes our society feel beautiful. Vote Berfyn!!!!!